Home bar in the interior of your home

home bar-V-interere

A rare feast in the house without alcoholic beverages. Hence, everyone has at least a small stock of «invigorating elixirs». A well-equipped home bar, where you can relax with friends and relax, will be a comfortable place for parties.

Why the need for a home mini bar?

To the collection of expensive wines, sweet strong liqueurs and brandies look presentable, you need to buy a stand for the bottles. In addition to its basic features such as mini-bars can become a real highlight of the decor and it is advantageous to transform the kitchen. It’s one thing when you just open the door of the fridge and put the drink on the table, another – when the owner of the house effectively opens the globe-bar «Da Vinci» and takes out a bottle of the choicest of the Roma, tells the story of the origin and already pours bronze with a drink in beautiful glasses. By the way, the glasses can also be stored in the home bar. And more ice, fruit, bottle opener and many other useful things.

Home bar for drinks: options

We just found out that home mini bar for drinks incredibly easy to use, does not occupy much space and yet makes the room elegant. We offer you to familiarize with assortment of the most common bars to use at home and in the office.

  • Mini-bar with clock. Looks very original, especially when standing on the table. Dimensions allow you to put it elsewhere – if only you could access it. Bar shows time and uplifting the presence of refreshing drinks. bar well helps when friends came to visit and hinted at the party.
  • Mini bars for fishermen and hunters. We are talking about binding to a specific occupation. If a professional activity or hobby of the person associated with fishing/hunting, feel free to give him a mini-bar in the shape of a gun or the helm of the ship.
  • Mini-bar «the globe». We decided to come back to this cutie and tell you about some other benefits. If it is freestanding, it can be a table. This bar is easy to move the chair or even make it to the balcony.
  • Mini-bar in the form of a book. At first glance, an ordinary book, but inside will be something interesting. Someone keeps the books money, some securities. If you like unusual, original things, take a look at this souvenir. Instead of the wisdom of the ages hidden in it no less useful treasure flint.
  • Elegant mini bar in the shape of a cello from expensive breeds of a tree. Do not jump to conclusions – they say that a gift is necessary to give only the musicians. Today it became fashionable to decorate their homes with expensive antique furniture and musical instruments: the piano, cello and guitar. Just imagine how surprised the guests when the proposal to play a musical instrument you will come to him, all of a sudden open a door and under a rough applause will get a bottle of semi-sweet.

There are other options for storage of alcohol, as evidenced by numerous photos home bar for drinks. Decide on the style that you like best, view pictures and book luxury decoration for interior today. It would be appropriate in a Studio apartment, and in a rich country house, the office, the office. In addition, the accessory is universal and will be a great gift for a hospitable hostess and men of any age.

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