Hollywood smile and her secrets

Hollywood smile and her secrets

Hollywood smile has become one of the main indicators of health and success. For many young people, she is the subject of their dreams, but few people understand the mystery of her appearance. In this article you will learn the secrets of the Hollywood smile and you will see genuine smiles of celebrities before the intervention of dentists.

Hollywood smile and her secrets


Looking at pictures of film stars, the first thing that catches the eye is, of course, Hollywood smile sparkles white and striking all perfect straight healthy teeth. This smile is able to impress everyone. if you think all Hollywood stars have a birthday such a wonderful smile, then you are wrong because it is, in most cases, is nothing more than the merit of their personal dentists. Hollywood smile like plastic surgery, only on the teeth.

Perfect white teeth in nature are very rare. This is due to the fact that most people have the color of tooth enamel is far from white. In addition, the surface of the teeth daily exposed to aggressive environments (food, beverage, tobacco smoke), which changes the color of the enamel and its thickness. Even if you brush your teeth after every meal and stick to a strict diet, you are unlikely to be lucky enough to become the owner of a real Hollywood smile.

Modern dental technology can make a Hollywood smile for almost everyone in just a few treatments. These services offers dentistry «Novye Cheremushki» and any other dentistry with modern equipment. For this, usually used veneers and luminary, which correct the shape of teeth, making them perfectly smooth, and the special technology of bleaching, by which the surface of the teeth eliminates plaque and give teeth a perfect white color and luster.

In order to enable you to imagine the possibilities of modern dentistry, look at the picture of Tom cruise in his communications with doctors and after. As you can see, this famous Hollywood actor previously had a very attractive smile that easily could correct intervention. Below you will find many photographs depicting celebrities before and after their mouth settled Hollywood smile.

Perhaps you believe that the cause of most of your problems and failures lies in an ugly smile? In this case, to get rid of these complexes and become the owner of an attractive Hollywood smile you can help the dentists.

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