History of handbags from the ancient times to our days

History of handbags from the ancient times to our days

Women’s handbagas ladies accustomed to this constant attribute! The history of handbags, every lady starts almost from childhood. First the mom puts there accessories baby. Then comes the time kindergarten, school, College, work, and in between regular forays to the market. And birthday parties, Hiking out, to the theatre? The female half of humanity are bags for every occasion.

The first handbags

At first women used the bags from skins for storing and carrying food and utensils. Then the bags have changed size, becoming smaller. They had straps and they were comfortable. Every nation adorned the bags according to their perception of beauty.

Then a long time, handbags were served with bags of money. Men’s and women’s bags were distinguished only by the fact that men wore it pinned at the waist, and women on the laces. Then began to put the bags of personal items – mirrors, snuffboxes, smelling salts. Under Louis XIV appear the pockets, and the man released his hands. The bag remains the prerogative of women, but with variation. That is, it becomes integral and distinguishing part of the female wardrobe.

Mistress of Louis XV, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, better known to us as Madame de Pompadour styled handbags (translated as «funny»). It was a handbag, like a little ball of lace pouch with bottom, drawstring top beautiful long lace, which also was a pen. Over time the reticule changed, but remained small, only the most necessary things. Usually it is worn for ceremonial events.

And in Russia during the reign of Elizabeth I began to produce silk bags, stitched with gold thread. Of course, they were expensive – they could be worn only by wealthy ladies. Handbag has become a hallmark of the States.

Modern handbags for women is an integral part of the wardrobe

Now the money is moved into wallets. But the essence of the bitch has not changed for centuries. The same handbag is the warehouse of all sorts of things – purses, cosmetic bags, paper handkerchiefs, wet wipes, mobile phone, combs, medicine and many other things. As the joke men women bag similar to a garage. It is possible to find the most incredible things, and sometimes the lady herself is lost in her purse, not knowing what lies there.

The purse is big or small, became a hallmark of any young ladies that reflects the individuality of the owner. The lady may be wearing couture, with gorgeous hair, nice manicure, but, for example, worn out handbag would negate the effort to look your best. Handbag immediately shows the financial opportunities and status in society.

From a small piece of cloth that was always hiding in the folds of the skirt, the bag is transformed into a work of art and no design show is complete without her.

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