Heating of a country house from a bar — choosing a boiler

Heating of a country house from a bar - choosing a boiler

Heating of a country house from a bar has to be reliable and of high quality. No house is inconceivable without Autonomous heating system, which is required to provide not only comfortable housing but also to be safe to operate. So, remember, installing heating in a wooden house – this is a very difficult task, which is not recommended to fix it myself and risk their property and even their lives.

After all, it is important not only to correctly choose the equipment and carry out complex calculations with reference to real conditions, but also to correctly mount all system.

Let’s consider the basic options for the heating of houses from a bar.

Liquid-fuel and gas boilers

They have a rather complicated control system, so when installing them there is a high probability of unexpected shutdown of the heating system. And the simplest option in this case could be a temporary power failure. While most boilers will need a human presence to restore work.

But there are variants with redundant power supply. When choosing a system, consider the instability of the feed gas (especially since he is not everywhere in the countryside), as well as the possible effects of the prolonged lack of heat in the house.

Electric boilers

They are not expensive and safer to operate than gas, but with proper mounting. Their only drawback is the high cost of electricity. And to reduce this cost in two times, you can set multirate meter and a special battery.

It will be at night, when tariffs are reduced, to accumulate electricity, and give it to the heating circuit. Another way of saving money is installing the system programmers that will be automatically to maintain the desired temperature of the air in the house.

Solid fuel boilers

Running on coal, wood, etc. Can be installed in places where not reach the «branches of civilization», that is, gas and light. But for homes with wood paneling like this option of heating is quite dangerous, so not recommended. If you need more information about solid fuel boilers, recommended to go to the website where you can buy them.

Solar heating

The best but most expensive method of heating a country house. Besides, it is completely safe and able to last for more than 20 years. In such systems, the heat turns the sun’s energy, and economic performance of a solar system has no competitors. And if you are willing to wait up to 9-10 years, while such a heating system will pay off and if you have the means to acquire it, then do not even think about alternatives.

Heat pumps

Today the most common form of heating in which heat is accumulated from the land, air and water. The pump itself is inexpensive, but the conduct of such equipment may only be carried out by specialists and require large financial costs.

As a result, you will get a environmentally friendly, completely safe and cost-effective heating system for your home. If location is not supplied with gas and electricity, you can become the owner of power Autonomous of the house to install a heat pump in conjunction with a solar collector that converts the sun’s energy into energy to run the heat pump. And the latter, in turn, take energy from ground or water and carry it to your home.


They are useful and comfortable, there are water and electric, but used to heat homes and should be installed in conjunction with radiators.

Whatever equipment you gave, don’t forget to consult with experts. All these elements heat the house play the role of «heart» and forced to operate the entire heating «the body.»

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