Heating LPG — design your stand-alone house

Heating LPG - design your stand-alone house

Heating with liquefied gas will be useful for the creation of a fully Autonomous home. In our reality it is not always possible to warm rural houseusing natural gas. If the pressure drops below the critical level of 3-4 atmospheres, the majority of boilers (often imported) is banal can not be included. But if used alternatively, the heating boiler on LPG, which you can buy in advance and bring their infield, the problem of heating a rural house in winter is automatically removed!

How to use liquefied natural gas for home heating

In the past it is important to define the main component – the gas equipment is specially produced for this purpose. The best choice would be the gas tank from steel grade st3sp that can withstand serious pressures up to 15 atmospheres, and differ the low price, thanks to which any container, the capacity of which often comes to 6 cubic meters, can afford to buy even the poor owner of the infield and operated for several decades.

The above-mentioned LPG is valuable because it uses only liquefied gas mixtures of propane-butane. A fundamental advantage of this mixture is that it has a high caloric content, while the cost is maintained at a low level. In a situation when the above runs out of fuel, it can burn and are extremely cheap butane, which can be found even in heavy-duty vehicles equipped with LPG. In the latter case, it is enough to have a special hose, through which fuel from the car can gently overflow into the cylinder, established on the plot.

The heating of private homes with liquefied gas

In addition to the fuel container, in order to provide a functional gas heating liquefied gas will need additional gear. Using the latest high pressure gas stabiliziruemost to normal (atmospheric) level and then supplied directly into the house. Next, the whole fuel system is connected to the main boiler. Conversion of liquefied natural gas requires special modulated burners – only in this case it is possible to ensure that gas while burning, will not smoke!

In the presence of natural gas pressure in a gas line, a modulating burner can easily be translated to another type of gas fuel. In any case, renovating a home liquefied gas is considered economically viable solution – it can be easy to cook. To buy the home version cylinders with a capacity of 20 kg, dressed at best 2/3, no more. Enough to fill above the fuel tank, whose capacity is often in the range of 4-6 cubic meters as it will be enough not only to complete the heating but also for cooking!

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