Heating country house that runs on gas

Heating country house that runs on gas

Today’s private house is very different from its counterpart in the last century. In the first place because it solved the issue of heating. Was widely used before the furnace today if they were, then I play a primarily decorative role. And the role of «first violin» took upon himself the heating of a country house with a water coolant that runs on gas.

Examining the gas heating system it can be stated that in this case, they can be divided into two large groups:

  • conditionally Autonomous (those gas which are fed from the main gas pipeline);
  • fully Autonomous (boiler operates on gas tank or bottled gas).

Conventionally, Autonomous system of heating of country houses

heating country house

Natural gas now occupies a strong first place among the existing types of fuel. If you have installed high-quality boiler and professionally executed insulation of the building, then operating costs for heating will be minimal.

Selecting the boiler, it is necessary to perform a thermal calculation (calculation of thermal losses of the room the whole house) and be sure to take into account the heated area of the house.

If the choice is made in favor of wall-mounted boiler installation, depending on model, can be arranged quality heating house with a total area of 300 – 350 sq. m. the condensing equipment will significantly increase this figure. In condensing models use not only the energy the fuel itself, but is formed in the steam condensate. Because of this, this equipment has substantially greater energy efficiency compared to traditional counterparts, and the smaller footprint for the same capacity. The use of wall-hung boiler house helps the owner to save considerably on the cost of equipment and installation works.

In parallel with addressing the issue of heating natural gas can be used to operate the system provide consumers with hot water. The available equipment allows to solve this question in two ways: to purchase a Combi gas boiler with integrated domestic hot wateror use a single-loop equipment additionally doukomplektovat his hot-water boiler of indirect heating.

The principle of operation

Coolant from the heat source (boiler) is piped supply line to the heaters (radiators). From heating devices, giving the main part of the heat, the coolant returns to the boiler «return». In most of the systems of heating of country houses the coolant is under pressure and is moved by forced circulation. As additional valves are mounted various sensors, vozdukhovody, the thermal head, gate valves, etc. Almost all of these heating systems have built-in automation and control.

Heating country house using liquefied petroleum gas

We can say that this system is completely self-contained, necessarily specifying at the same time, the period of availability of the stock fuel system’s owner. Practice shows that in winter time the block of cylinders without replacement provides effective heating for up to 10 days. The owners of the gas tanks provide fuel for a longer time. In addition, currently, it is not difficult to conclude the contract on service of the gas tank and thereby relieve myself of the hassle. Service of this equipment is in almost all regions of Russia.

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