Heating cable system sewage: types, features, installation tips

Heating cable system sewage: types, features, installation tips

Taking into account the climatic conditions in most Russian regions, heated exterior Sewerage systems is becoming increasingly important. A couple of years ago to prevent the formation of ice in the pipes simply laid below the level of frost penetration (depth 1.4-1.5 m) and protected materials. But this labor — and costly procedure was not always effective.

Now this method is used very rarely. Have a great alternative — heating cable for drains that allows you to efficiently heat not only the pipe, located deep in the soil, but external. The installation of such a system is an additional financial investments. Although we should not forget that while homeowners are able to avoid expenses that they are, in any case incurred in laying pipes in deep soil layers.

By way of installing these cables are divided into two groups: external and internal. Manufacturers produce several types of such products. This cable:

  • self-regulating is considered to be one of the most profitable and promising options. He’s capable of without a thermostat to adjust to the climatic conditions of the environment: with increasing temperature the resistance is automatically reduced and power consumption is reduced;
  • resistive – a cheaper option, adjustment of power and resistance in it in automatic mode impossible. To avoid failures of this system, experts suggest to equip it with a thermostat;
  • zonal – the principle of operation is similar to resistive. The difference is that it releases thermal energy over its entire length, but only in certain areas.

Heating cable system from Elix must be mounted strictly along the pipe. The only way guaranteed to avoid damage in the process of operation. Spiral wound gasket is possible, but crossing the wires on poles or other areas is unacceptable.

Fixing of cable on pipes should be carried out at intervals of not less than 200 mm, for fixing the best suitable heat-resistant adhesive tape or a special brace. If the heating system has a polymer shell, metal fasteners cannot be used. In case of application for fixation of the adhesive tape based on aluminium should be aware that it is able to significantly increase the thermal capacity of the wire.

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