Heating boilers for solid fuels — what are its advantages?

Heating boilers for solid fuels - what are its advantages?

Heating boilers for solid fuels are reduced in price and sold without any problems with fuel anywhere. In addition to these important qualities, the advantage of these boilers is that they need the simplest repair and equipment available.

Modern technologies of production of boilers allow us to eliminate expensive repairs, reduce labor costs for heating and eliminate the smoky environment, where there is a boiler. Combi boiler is able to warm the house with many rooms, which is an important condition for a country house.

Firewood to heat a boiler harder than pellets. The sticks should be identical, strictly defined length. Not all firewood suppliers are able to meet.

To heat solid fuel boiler pellets easier and more efficient. Pellets are waste wood industry, which pressed into small pieces at high pressure. Pellets – a fuel of high density, the heat loss which is large. So, as fuel, they are more economical than wood. The disadvantages of pellets is their large hygroscopicity. For their storage requires a dry location that is not in every home. Even in this case, the acquisition of a large amount of fuel needed for the whole winter is not desirable, as it is difficult to save it from moisture in the home.

From boilers solid fuel safe design, they are designed for continuous operation. Even the steel structure, which quickly rust and burn through, serve in the case of heating with wood for decades.

But before buying a solid fuel boiler, you need to find good suppliers of solid fuel. Need a guarantee that you will take logs of the right size.

The boiler is different from traditional ovens because it is heated by the coolant – water, and due to this, a boiler heats many rooms. The most economical are the boilers, which are designed for two types of fuel: wood and coal. For these boilers need a separate small boiler, but a big savings on heating with wood and coal, makes such heating is very popular with permanent residence in the house.

For a small house of about 110 square meters, there are wood boilers that prolonged heating. Especially good are the boilers for areas with poor logistics. The ability to get fuel once in the whole winter with a poor condition of the roads is a big advantage.

Learn more about principle of operation of solid fuel boiler can be learned from the following video.

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