He knows the construction industry on hot rolled structural steel?

He knows the construction industry on hot rolled structural steel?

Hot-rolled structural steel has long been used in construction abroad and in Russia, due to the wide range of benefits. Elements hot rolling, it is possible to build an economic building with the desired characteristics for a short period of time. Hot rolled structural metal comes various cross shapes, steel grades and quality levels, allowing you to perform any requirements of the project, including a limited budget.

The scope of various products hot-rolled structural steel

Various shapes and cross-section dimensions of the elements of a hot-rolled structural steel allow them to withstand high loads horizontally and vertically. Due to lower weight than concrete structure, a steel frame suitable for wide range of structures such as tall buildings, stadiums, power transmission towers and residential buildings.

Square rods, which can be ordered on the website of the company «SK Metal», suitable for the construction of load-bearing columns and roof structures. I-beams with thick edges of the flanges have high efficiency of impact absorption. They are suitable for construction of industrial plants. Angles, beams with a cross section in a L shape, ideal for the construction of a solid roof structures and supports for power transmission or to the radio. The channels that have a C-shaped cross section, are used as the support structure of the staircase or external reference beams.

The advantages of hot-rolled structural steel

Steel parts hot rolled offer numerous benefits to the construction industry:

  • structural steel significantly reduces construction time, thereby reducing the cost of works contractors;
  • steel elements are manufactured off-site and require a minimum of labor in the construction of the building;
  • structural steel allows to build larger quarters, as its power characteristics enable to install fewer support columns than when using concrete or bricks;
  • steel products offer a wider choice of complex architectural elements such as bends, acute or obtuse angles;
  • structural steel frames provide maximum durability, and better absorption of seismic shock and vibration than other materials;
  • structural steel construction is easy to maintain, to test, monitor and maintain compared to other types of structures.
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