Handbag and its long history

Handbag and its long history

Handbag is the absolutely «necessary» to a certain set of clothes aksesuar, before buying, which cannot stand any modern woman. Women are willing to spend hours, choosing, evaluating and, finally, buying a variety of kinds of handbagsthat represent the modern fashion. The absolutely amazing number of materials, finishing techniques and decorative elements, many forget about how, in General, there handbags.

The undoubted ancestor of his contemporaries was a simple bag which was worn over the shoulder. If you go back in times more remote, it becomes clear that this distribution of roles: the man – hunter, he must always be ready to defend their loved ones from danger, a woman is a homemaker who when you move the tribe to the new Park was to preserve and relocate the utensils that was needed. But with such a purely practical purpose and raised girlfriend, and a favorite of millions of women.

Observed a smooth transition from the practical relevance of handbags to the aesthetic: bag gradually supplanted purses over the shoulder in the full sense of the word. They were decorated with a variety of materials, depending on the ethnic characteristics and terrain. For example, the Northern peoples often found fur trim handbags.

The middle ages were divided not only States, but also handbags. The rich people no longer needed to carry such bulky items, and they replaced the bag for a small purse, which could easily be hidden in the folds of clothing, because wore it mostly on the belt.

The Renaissance offered new approaches to decorating. Traditional leather have been increasingly replaced by noble fabrics: silk and velvet and fine embroidered trim or expensive then the beads used to make these little bags. art.

Handbags has changed with the demands of life. Toilet gentle ladies now consisted of a huge number of items, with a every woman had to have a certain list of items are blush and a small mirror, and playing cards, and knitting needles. All this could not be put in the bag-purse. The yield offered Madame de Pompadour, the famous Parisian fashionista, which has created a handbag in the shape of a ball suspended on a thin strap. Her reticule – «funny» handbag – immediately captured the fashion world of the eighteenth century.

New trends of handbags for women marked fashion house Louis Vuitton in the nineteenth century, offering elegant women bags-sacsthat allow women even during the exhausting journey to stay charming.

In the twentieth century handbags experienced a number of new metamorphoses. Changed the role of women, expanding the scope of its interests. Cycling? Trips to the theater? The conquest of purely «masculine» professions? Near the women always remain women’s handbag, which was changed under the influence of capricious and impulsive nature of woman.

During the First world war in fashion are back big bags with slouchy silhouettes. First it happened to increase capacity, because many women of that time took with them gas masks or bandages, the comfort of home, but even after the war, the handbag did not want to decrease, and only become more luxurious. Their capacity was adjusted to new needs: the popular novel in paperback, a pack of cigarettes, a notebook, cosmetics – all that every woman considered absolutely necessary. Changed the approach to decorating. People’s knowledge about the world of antiquity has expanded considerably thanks to the excavations and in Vogue art Deco. Fans of this style sought inspiration from ethnic motifs. Very popular then used the so-called Egyptian style.

The second world war brought to the world of fashion and wealth and poverty. Not surprisingly, many fashion houses were just bankrupt and could not use expensive materials in the manufacture of their models. This forced the designers to constantly look for alternatives. Bag-tablet with elements made of plywood? Yes, Yes and Yes again. The second world made disappear the last barriers to the democratization of fashion.

Contemporary fashion combines incongruous, and today, it would seem that such a classic accessory, like a handbag, could be very extravagant and individual, highlighting the personal characteristics of each woman. On women’s sites, you can read more about the modern bags and fashion trends on these timeless accessories.

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