Hair oils — natural health & beauty

Hair oils - natural health & beauty

Hair oil was popular at all times. In our time, the theme of hair care products using plant and essential oils popular in connection with the promotion of natural care. That is why now there are so many online stores marked «Organic» and «Natural», and the girls are now looking not only for brands, but also the composition of the products.

Coconut oil for hair

The most popular oil in hair care is in India. Indian women from a young age know how to properly care for your hair and not a day goes by that they don’t eat your lovely hair miracle oils. The most common oil in India and in other countries it is coconut and it is very important that the oil was of good quality, then the results will be truly amazing. Usually coconut oil is applied on hair before going to sleep, distribute massage movements over the entire length and go to bed. In the morning, this mask should be washed off with shampoo and rinse hair decoction of herbs that suit your hair type. The effect of such masks is cumulative, but after the first application you will notice that the hair came to life, became more smooth and crisp. To enhance the effect when applying the mask creates a thermal effect, wrapping the hair with foil and a towel for the oil to interact with the hair as long as possible and managed to completely soak in.

Now on sale, you can buy such a huge amount of oils beginners natural care raises many questions: what kind of oil to choosewhich is right for my hair? The universal secret does not exist – some people really like the effect of coconut oil on their hair, and to someone it does not manifest itself, or even dries the already dry ends. Any natural remedy should be individualized by trial and error! However, the most common at the moment are again coconut oil, almond, burdock and castor oil.

This castor oil has a thick texture, it is very fatty and not suitable for those who have scalp prone to rapid contamination because it can clog pores. Is an activator of hair growth, in that it is difficult to compete.

Coconut oil adds Shine and elasticity of hair, has a slight cooling effect. It either becomes an animal, or does not work.

Almond oil for hair

Almond oil is excellent accelerates hair growth, protect hair from negative external influences and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Almond oil can be great to nourish dry hair ends to make them smooth and shiny.

Burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil is almost always used when there are problems with hair loss, as it is strengthens the hair follicles, combats hair loss and with regular use, allows you to achieve thick and healthy hair.

Recipes with oils a great many, among them everyone will find something that will suit him, but even if you put oil in its pure form, the effect will be stunning.

In case you prefer branded cosmetics for hair, I recommend to look at the site garnier. Here you will find everything you need to care for your hair.

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