Guanches — gone tribe of the Canary Islands

Guanches - gone tribe of the Canary Islands

The Guanches – a peaceful tribe that lived on the Canary Islands until the late 18th century, until the arrival of the Spaniards.

To date, the tribe has left to humanity a set of riddles, which, unfortunately, never solved. It is unknown where the tribe of Guanches in the Canary Islands more than three thousand years ago. There have been suggestions that the descendants of the sunken Atlantis, other facts indicate that they were immigrants from Africa. Capturing the Islands, the Spaniards were much surprised by the fact that the indigenous inhabitants of the Islands have white skin, red hair and blue eyes, with peaceful intent. The name of the tribe means «Children of the volcano», as did the Guanches themselves that came from the depths of Serenity, the highest volcano

In the Canary Islands. The Guanches of the Canary Islands built the pyramids and mummified the bodies of the dead that unites them with Egypt and Peru, no one else on Earth did. From the Guanches had a developed writing system, which still can’t decipher. Communication between them was special, they lips moving when talking, without actually saying the words out loud, knowing each other. Also used whistle, which the Guanches used for communication at a distance. Their dwellings of the Guanches hollowed out in the rocks, it was a great protection from heat, wind and enemies. Also the ancestors of the Canary Islands were great swimmers and easily covered the distance between the Islands. The Guanches were peaceful, thoroughly engaged in the education of children and fatten their women up to 100 pounds as a standard of beauty. One very important fact in the life of the tribe is to breed evil breed dogs, Bardino with large bulging eyes. The dog was protecting the tribe from enemies and helped with the goats.

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