Greece is a country of ancient culture

Greece is a country of ancient culture

In modern times, many of the country lures tourists with its beautiful sights. The most popular countries such as Turkey, Spain, Egypt, UAE and, of course, Greece. It is about this country of ancient culture, we will tell today.

All countries have its own history and traditions. But nowhere, not so good rest, as in Greece. The history of this country dates back to distant years, when flourished the myths about the gods. But what has not changed is the monuments and beautiful corners of the country and faith in Christianity. Christianity arose with the emergence of the state. Different Greece known as the ancient country. All due to the fact that here was born the ancient civilization. The subtropical climate enables the country to attract more and more tourists. In addition, visitors particularly appreciate:

  • exotic night;
  • high quality hotels;
  • best sanatoria;
  • the beautiful island.

That’s not all! Unlike the ancient times, the country now is the pride of Europe and has changed for the better. Beaches resorts will help you to gain the full experience. Having tried the food in local cafes and restaurants, you will be satisfied. Rumor has it that no real foodie can resist the food in the restaurants of Greece.

The country is located on the South coast of the Balkan Peninsula. All over the Peninsula most of the year and a great weather. Because of its geographical position, Greece has about 2,000 Islands and Peninsula. However, populated by about 200 people of the 2,000 Islands. The country is still developing and not standing still. Education is highly valued in Greece. Many foreign graduates remain in the country to continue his career.

Greece is washed by four seas, which are the highest quality and superb resorts. The name of the seas the following:

  • Ionian;
  • Aegean;
  • The Mediterranean;
  • Adriatic.

Greece is a large island:

  • Rhodes;
  • Crete;
  • Of lesbos.

A greater number of resorts are located around the Aegean sea. The local resorts are famous for high quality and good service, and is also available for each service.Situated in the South of Europe, Greece has always has a high temperature. Snow here is almost there, except on the mountain tops. July temperature is +40 degrees, and the January +10 and +15 degrees. Thanks to the warm temperature from may to October is the time for the bathing season. Even if the season ends, some people don’t want to go to the sea or river where you can enjoy the tranquility and get a lot of impressions. Sometimes the season can extend until the last days of autumn.

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