Grecia House is a beautiful house in Sao Paulo

Grecia House is a beautiful adobes from Sao Paulo

Grecia House is a beautiful house in the Brazilian city of são Paulo. The house fits very well into the surrounding landscape, and also has a very modern design and interior. This beautiful house was built at the request of a wealthy Brazilian resident the main wish which was a comfort and large spaces for children to play and picnic with friends.

Grecia House is a beautiful house in Sao Paulo


The total area of the plot on which is located this beautiful house is 4,830 sq. m. It is surrounded by a magnificent green garden. The house consists of four interconnected units: the living rooms, office, leisure areas and entertainment, dining and office space. Each zone differs from the other external wall coverings. So the living area is covered with siding, office – mineral composition of Portland cement, entertaining – wooden planks and dining room – sandblast concrete. This visually separates them, because the architectural design of all buildings are the same.

The large scale of this house allowed to place in it all necessary for life. In addition to these areas, the house has a cinema room, a sauna, a gym with a swimming pool and a spacious garage with a collection of antique cars.

The interior of this beautiful Brazilian home is designed in such a way that the boundary between internal and external space to rinse. Inside the house, it seems like you are in the yard and Vice versa.

When building a house the architects have tried to make it cool due to the shade of growing trees on the site. No wood in the construction was not destroyed, on the contrary, they perfectly fit into the General architectural ensemble harmoniously coexist with the new neighbors. I think this solution is the only correct and most architects should learn from this idea.

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