Granite monuments: reliability is always a place

Granite monuments: reliability is always a place

In the case of the death of a relative, a friend or a loved one can not do without companies that offer a range of funeral services. These include: the choice of the place of burial, preparation of documents, organization of funeral, the choice of a wreath, granite monuments and more. Experts are ready to release customers from mournful duties. Granite monuments are perfect in the background of other products from artificial and natural stone.

Durable and aesthetic obelisks

Granite is a natural stone of volcanic origin, which has high strength and resistance to breakage. No mechanical stress is not terrible granite monuments. Even if the cemetery is not guarded, you need to put a lot of effort to harm the reliable of the monument. Solid granite is one of the most durable rock.

It may take a hundred or two hundred years before, magnificent obelisk touched the traces of decay. Although, it is not known. Most likely, in a few centuries, the monument will retain the same appeal. Granite monuments do not fade with age, they do not appear stains from permanent exposure to sunlight.

Even polishing does not fade, and labels as before are clear and bright. Temperature, humidity, precipitation – unique granite stone is not afraid of anything. Guests can enjoy obelisks of granite of various modifications in the company «Danila Master» at the best price.

Granite monuments: the dignity and beauty of natural stone

No other monumental obelisk can not be compared with the product made of natural stone. Especially valuable is black granite from Karelia. Experts believe its performance is optimal when used to create obelisks.

Granite aesthetic attractions are diverse models. This is because this material is easy to process. Carving, creation of prints, polishing the surface to a glossy Shine, and glittery and shining quartz crystals – all these manipulations can be carried out for the formation of exclusive monuments of granite.

Specialised made to order:

  • Rectangular granite monuments.
  • More exclusive obelisks.
  • Products of a premium class of natural stone.
  • The original monuments of granite for VIP customers.

The choice of this obelisk cannot be unsuccessful, because each model is durable and strong granite is unique. This natural product meets all the necessary requirements of the artists who made the monuments. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied, if you offer them a sketch of the author’s monument natural black granite Karelia.

It should be emphasized that the price of obelisks of granite are not too high. Some companies offer great options at reasonable rates. It is not necessary to deny yourself in order to arrange a burial for many years.

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