Granite and the secret of its popularity in the market of building materials

Granite and the secret of its popularity in the market of building materials

Granite – today considered one of the unique and irreplaceable materials for the floor. He has such irreplaceable properties as water resistance, resistance to any frost, wear resistance, mechanical strength higher than that of natural stone. All these qualities make it indispensable in the finishing of production areas, bathrooms and kitchens. A large range of floor tiles submitted by our online store, here you can find products for every taste and budget. The cost of granite depends on many factors, starting from the brand, to design, texture, and size. Variety of granite is striking, it all depends on the type of treatment. Any palette colors, different types of pattern reliefs.

Initially the granite was intended for the finishing of technical rooms which require a high material strength and resistance to moisture. Today it is an indispensable decorative material that has only positive characteristics. For example, tile Monocolur charm will make any interior, from SPA to gym.

Production technology of porcelain stoneware, so far advanced that the floor tile is regarded as an exemplary coating that can withstand any load and elevate any room. This is especially true of the Frigate porcelain tiles Kerama Marazzi in «OptomGres», which holds a leading position on the market in 2013.

The properties of granitethat allow it to be used for facing of facades of buildings, and stair nosing and floor.

  • endurance to frost due to low water absorption;
  • resistance to wear;
  • palette of colors and variety of patterns;
  • resistance to chemicals, alkalis and acids;
  • high impact strength;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • resistance color and texture from exposure to the environment.

Unusual design fantasies embody many of the manufacturers of porcelain, including Chinese trademark Sal Sapiente. The texture of the coating can make any approximating natural materials: fabric, metal, wood, stone, leather. Designers and architects use granite in almost all their projects, as this surface, you can create any shape.

Types of porcelain are a few:

  • technical – heavy-duty material is close to natural granite;
  • glazed – pattern is applied with the glaze and fixed by firing;
  • opaque porcelain without polishing and glazing;
  • polished technical porcelain tiles polished to a Shine;
  • satin-finished natural with soft structure porcelain tiles, with a slight sheen;
  • structured – imitation leather or fabric, as well as the application of the relief pattern.
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