Granada — Spanish city-a fairy tale

Granada - Spanish city-a fairy tale

Granada – Spanish city-tale, which is in the southern part of Spain, near the foot of the North-Eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada to the hills, down into the valley of the river Genil. Mention of this city dates back to the 5th century BC In 1492, Granada was the capital of the Moorish Sultanate of southern Spain. Today this is evidenced by the many architectural monuments in the Arabic style and legends that tell about the past glory of this city.

Granada – Spanish city-a fairy tale

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The jewel of Granada is considered the Alhambra Palace, built on the Gold hill in the XIII-XIV century. In Arabic his name translates as «Red castle». The Alhambra, an ancient fortress of the Moorish rulers, surrounded by beautiful gardens of the Generalife, where the Royal Palace of the Nazari dynasty. American writer Washington Irving, who was Ambassador in Spain, dedicated to this fortress his essay «Tales of the Alhambra».

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The beautiful old quarter of Albaicin and Sacramonte today a listed cultural heritage site by UNESCO. Here is preserved the buildings and the atmosphere of the Moorish city.

The climate of Granada is very warm and welcoming. The streets of this wonderful city illuminated by the solar rays of 320 days a year. This made Granada the centre of tourism and a venue for numerous annual festivals of music and dance, cinema and theatre. The most famous Grand performances of flamenco in the caves of Sacromonte.

Those who buy tours to Spain, you must visit Granada! Here stock a lot of surprises for the most demanding tourists. The famous Spanish poet Federico garcía Lorca, who lived in this city, said, «Who has not seen Granada – he saw nothing».

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