Gothic style in interior design

Gothic style in interior design

Gothic style in modern interior design is quite popular in the design of apartments and country houses. Not to say that he was in the forefront of style solutions with designers and customers, but the niche it occupies firmly. And this is no accident, because the Gothic is inherent in the use of bright colors, decorations, items of glass, iron and stone, and the whole style characterizes the aspiration to the sky, flight, hills and harmony.

History of the Gothic style

Gothic style prevailed in Western Europe for three centuries in the Middle ages, from the 13th-15th centuries. Many buildings of the era included in the Golden Fund of world architecture.

Specific details of the Gothic style in intrieri

The Gothic style interior is characterized by the use of natural materials – different types of stone, wood (objects and items from cedar, oak, spruce, pine, larch), is widely used mosaic, majolica, used leather, a very popular iron and bronze, to finish some of the elements used gilding.

The main colors of the Gothic style are considered red, yellow, blue, gold, silver, brown, and their various shades. As a subsidiary, set off the main colors used are green, ruby, purple, pink and black color in different shades.

Among the elements of Gothic style are highlighted in stained glass, art forging, fireplaces made from various materials rose, grape leaves, lilies, crestivity.

Furniture in the Gothic style

Typical examples of Gothic furniture are cabinets, chairs, beds, stretched up, chests different appearance, the tables are carved deep drawers and substantially acts as a countertop.

Items of Gothic furniture typical of the thoroughness and the desire up from chairs and beds, high back, cupboards and cabinets – high legs. Most often the pieces of furniture are threaded and forged false elements.the interior is in the Gothic style often has vaulted ceilings, seemed to seek the sky. Also frequently used imitation beamed ceiling ceiling.

Wall decor in the Gothic style

The walls in the Gothic style finished with panels of wood, covered with paintings. Found wide application in tapestry and mosaic. The Gothic style in the interior, have big Windows in the rooms; the Windows are Lancet arched shape, widely used the stained-glass Windows. The door in the Gothic style mostly wooden, oak frame, solid and powerful.

Gothic is different – depending on the wishes of the owner of the premises, that they can be made dull, solid sample chambers of the inner castle, and you can make light that is trending up and play cheerful colors and elements.

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