Good shows I watch

I want to talk about good TV showsthat I watch. Perhaps someone will argue about how good they are from the point of view of morality or something else, but «how many people – so many opinions».

About where the series online here speech does not go. I use search and look where the quality is better. All simply and succinctly.

Good shows I watch

Good shows I watch 2 (600x450, 58Kb)

So. I’ll start with «the big Bang Theory». Very funny series about a company of four young scientists who work in a University Department, and their neighbor, an ordinary girl, who works as a waitress in a cafe. The plot is based on the habits and life of the «nerds.» Quite funny and instructive. In the series discusses topics of modern theoretical physics, astronomy and engineering, as well as the problems of young people with above-average intelligence. Like all good series «the big Bang Theory» easy to understand and does not ship its morality. this is just ridiculous!

Good shows I watch 3 (600x450, 111Kb)

Good shows I watch 4 (600x398, 64Kb)

Also I watch TV series «Game of thrones». I have to admit, I watch it only because I read the whole Saga «a Song of Ice and fire» by George Maritain. Very interesting to see the visualization of this exciting fantasy novel. By the way, in April, 2012, the year’s second season of «Game of thrones». Although this series can not compete with the book, I advise everyone to see it (if the book has no strength). The story is very interesting. It is a pity that the author slowly writes his book. Last year he released his fifth book in this Saga and, apparently, this is not the last.

Good shows I watch 5 (600x451, 124Kb)

Good shows I watch 6 (600x338, 41Kb)

Good shows I watch 7 (600x451, 112kb)

Good shows I watch 8 (600x341, 29Kb)

The TV series «Borgia». It is a historical series about the Italy of the 15th century. It tells about the famous Borgia family, who has reached the heights of power in Italy during the Renaissance. All very beautiful and interesting. Recommend to anyone who loves historical novels and good TV shows. The second season starts in April.

Good shows I watch 9 (600x375, 77Kb)

A good series that I look 10 (600x448, 96Kb)

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