Gofrolist for the roof — great alternative to expensive materials

Gofrolist for the roof - great alternative to expensive materials

Rolled metal, namely, gofrolist, great for the roof of dwellings, garages and production facilities. Roof of rolled metal stock is a better option than bitumen, roofing felt, normal slate and will serve you for decades. The product is in the form of waves, stability and great rigidity. Waves provide a perfect grip as a result of the installation, so the roof gets sealed and durable.

Metalloprokat not be rust, as it has a protective corrosion-resistant coating. For its production uses tape 65g. This building material for its light weight, so no need for the rafters and chunky beams. Low weight simplifies the installation of the roof, and it is important for the consumer. The product is able to withstand large amount of snow in winter, and to withstand not only freezing temperatures but also sun rays.

The roof is made of corrugated sheets are quite easy to install. Specialist easily attaches the sheets with screws or nails their usual nails. Without a doubt, your roof will be reliable and just wonderful. Products corrugated sheets are used not only for roofing, but also in the construction of fences, facade cladding. Buy metal gofrolist can any owner of the house, as affordable price makes the product affordable to rent. Besides high product quality ensures durability of the roof.

Gofrolist is made of stainless steel. At high temperature and pressure to produce 2 kinds of products. Quite popular is the production of steel and other kind of products is also created from steel, but later it is covered with a protective layer of polymer coating. The process of working with this type of material does not require special training. All you need is scissors for cutting sheet metal, which can be purchased at almost any hardware store.

Just don’t need a professional specialist to manage any newcomer. In the case of large volumes of work, used circular saw with teeth of hard alloy. The rolled product of metal will serve you for a long period of time, and still retain the same beautiful and unique look. Therefore, we can conclude that such material is justified in the construction in all respects: durability, presentable, nice appearance, and most importantly at an affordable price.

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