Glulam and its benefits

Glued laminated timber is a modern ecologically clean material, which is widely used in civil engineering. The popularity of laminated veneer lumber, every year is growing rapidly. During the construction of the cottages are increasingly began to use laminated veneer lumber, not round, brick or aerated concrete. Let us consider this subject in more detail.

Glued laminated timber: for and against

Advantages over conventional laminated veneer lumber wood in large enough numbers. We must start with the fact that it retains all the advantages of wood – light weight, beauty, high insulating capacity and low thermal conductivity. The last factor is particularly important in the construction of private houses in regions with cold climate – the Urals, Siberia, Karelia. However, glulam is completely devoid of the shortcomings that are inherent in the raw wood.

The tree is highly flammable. Sometimes it is enough one spark to the fire occurred. A factor that reduces the reliability of the wooden house. Technology allowed us to create a special impregnation, which reliably protect the wood from fire. Glued laminated timber meets all fire safety requirements.

Untreated wood undergoes a process of destruction of mold and insects. During the production of laminated veneer lumber, is a complete processing of wood protective agents, which allows it to persist for a long time.

If you compare the strength of glued laminated timber with normal wood, it would appear that the first wins by almost half. It gives the opportunity to build from glued beams of a luxury building of high complexity, which is very progressive and comfortable.

Square section greatly simplifies the process of fitting the beams to each other, reduces heat loss at the joints and makes unnecessary additional insulation seams with foam and other fillers.

Production of laminated veneer lumber

The production of timber – a complex and multistep process. It starts with cutting logs into boards. The finished boards are sent to a special drying chamber. There when you carefully selected the temperature and humidity of the boards dried. A special mode of drying eliminates the possibility of formation of cracks on the surface, and thus enables a short time to carefully dried material. The moisture content of the finished material does not exceed 10%, which is considered the best indicator for the use of wood in construction.

Then the boards are coated with a special ecological glue, which are durable and does not emit in continuous operation in toxic, hazardous to human health substances.

Covered with glue boards are under a powerful hydraulic press, which are transformed into practically a monolithic beams. Special machines cut locking connection which ensures easy and fast conversion of separate beams into a single structure.

This process of manufacture laminated veneer lumber is complete. Ready material sent to the warehouse or construction site.

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