Glued laminated timber: advantages and disadvantages

Glued laminated timber: advantages and disadvantages

Wood is a material of high-tech, but despite this, it has its disadvantages that can occur at any time. May have cracks, observed shrinkage and many other negative factors. Each of the materials individually in their own way. For example, if the comparison to take the glued laminated timber and ordinary timber or solid timber, then the first will be a cut above. Its drawbacks it also has, for example, shrinkage cracks, partial cracks and other, but their percentage is much less in comparison with the same timber or solid timber.

Disadvantages of glued laminated timber

The main drawback of laminated veneer lumber is often called its high cost in comparison with other wood «blocks».

Another disadvantage is the use in its production, adhesive of low quality. So in the future can affect the quality of the frame, contribute to the stratification of laminated veneer lumber and its deformation, which ultimately will affect its heat-saving properties.

As it is produced laminated veneer lumber 80×80 relatively recently, the full data about the behavior of this material yet.

The advantages of glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber is one the most important advantage is low shrinkage of the constructed frame. Before gluing the timber blanks are thoroughly dry in the camera, which reduces their moisture content to 12%. This allows you to immediately begin decorating the walls of the house. For individual orders frame comes from parts that are manufactured through the use of modern software.

Another great advantage of laminated veneer lumber is the speed of erection of a log house out of it and the relatively low cost of construction. Without the use of specialized equipment, several collectors can fully equip a log cabin in the shortest possible time, which in turn allows the owner to save significant money.

The decisive advantage of laminated veneer lumber, which sets it apart from other materials is its environmental friendliness. The house is built from it, is able to regulate the inside humidity and temperature.

Finally, the aesthetics of timber. The use of this wooden house looks very elegant and you can make design and construction decisions, what other materials can be done.

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