Glossy laminate flooring – perfect flooring

Glossy laminate flooring – perfect flooring

Popular laminate flooring, which has a great appearance, but also practical in use. Glossy laminate is a hard coating with a shiny surface.

Manufacturing technology material provide many options covering on the floor, made in a variety of colors and patterns: wood and stone, matte and glossy, corrugated, and smooth, solid. So do not think it strange that the number of customers who prefer this material only grows.

In addition, now glossy laminate flooring is made in different styles, and he will not repeat the parquet or floor boards. This laminate is well suited for rooms in the style of hi-tech. It will allow you to perform the interior decoration of the room most interesting and stylish. Also, the material is perfect for when you need to visually expand the space.

Laminate white

The use of the apartment white laminate looks stylish. The advantages of the material are evident in different styles: art Deco, Japanese and minimalist, country, eco-design. Well white laminate flooring will look in rooms with a classic style.

In addition, both these colors will always be in fashion. In addition, it is well suited in the case when there is a need to make the expansion space. Because of the light and reflection of furniture, the room will appear visually more spacious and brighter.

This coating on the floor can be used in apartments and houses and in offices, restaurants, shopping malls, beauty salons where you want a lot of light and it is necessary to create the impression of luxury. Every piece of furniture stands out on a white tone, especially on the glossy surface, as it forms a reflection effect.

Flint glossy laminate

This flooring will not emit squeak, fade under the action of the sun. The mirror plane does not affect her strength, so do not think that because visual effects are a property of the flooring to deteriorate. For good stability of the material is added corundum, which in its reliability is second only to diamond. Small particles of corundum are added to the outer layer of flooring.

Blue glossy laminate

The Foundation of laminate flooring is fiberboard that is covered with a layer of paper with a picture. In between doing laying several more layers of paper impregnated with, as a result, the product becomes stronger. Decorative cover layer of an acrylic and chalk aminovita resins. Through their use, it is possible to make the floor more resistant to heat, resistant to sun, as well as to mechanical influences.

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