Globe on a wooden stand will add comfort to any room

Globe on a wooden stand will add comfort to any room

Globe on a wooden stand will add comfort to any room. All modern globes can be divided into two groups: table and floor. First, for the most part, for educational purposes. And outdoor models fulfill the function of decoration of interior spaces. Buy them in order to add zest to the room, to add comfort, individuality.

Choose a globe on a wooden stand

Globe on a wooden stand often buy into the study. It fits perfectly to the design. In addition, such models are relevant in the interior of the nursery. Moreover, the globe – great educational material which the child can learn geography, to knowledge about the world, the planet on which we live.

Globe on a wooden stand is more expensive than on a stand made of plastic. But he looks much more luxurious and will maintain perfect appearance for much longer. The stand of hardwoods give the piece a grace and sophistication.

The stand can have different height. So, in a specialized online store globusy you can purchase a model with a height from 95 to 114 inches. The shape of the stand may be different.

The types of globes on the stand

Very common globe on one leg-stand. They are also often used as a night light. By the way, the option backlight allows you to realize the dual-cards (often physical + political), which significantly expands the functionality of the globe.

The model on the tripod are also popular today. Compared to the bullets at 1 foot they are more stable, which is important, for example, when you have small children or animals that can overthrow the globe.

Floor model on a wooden stand on four legs is another common option. Their legs are equipped with wheels – these globes can be easily moved around the room. This is true during the harvest. Or if you need to free up space for games or other purposes.

Choosing the globe, pay attention to its Meridian. Ideally, it needs to be made of copper – high quality and durable material not subject to corrosion.

Also, of course, important cartography. However, if you buy the globe solely as a design element, can ignore this point. In all other cases, select which card is more useful for you – physical or political. You might want to buy the model with dual card. Also note the language of cards – today in the sale are products with maps in Russian and English languages.

One more thing – the size. About feet we have said, but it is also important and the diameter of the ball. The minimum rate for outdoor options – 30 centimeters, the most common globes of diameters of 50 centimeters.

In the above online store you can order globe on a wooden stand with delivery in more than ninety major cities of Russia. Your chosen model will be carefully and compactly Packed, then promptly delivered to your town.



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