Glass doors in modern interior

Glass doors in modern interior

Glass doors in a modern interior enjoys a wide popularity among designers. They have the ability to visually change the space, and this is one of the main criteria in the design of modern home interior. How to choose a component of the interior as glass doors for the house, what material? Will try to figure this out.

No matter what style decorated interior of your home, it’s hard to imagine him without doors. Doors are an integral part of any home or apartment. She plays the role of a partition between rooms, and the protective function. In addition, the door should isolate the sound from outside and to block heat loss. Today, however, more relevant question: «What is the door design will fit perfectly into the interior?».

Glass door is one of the original and trendy options for almost any interior. These doors can be both exterior and interior. Manufacturer of glass door made from tempered safety glass. The thickness of the glass material is approximately equal to 8 to 12 mm. There are different types of glass for doors mirror, smooth, tinted, patterned, frosted, and even glass with colored appliques.

Depending on the method of opening the glass doors can be divided into:

  • Hinged glass door;
  • Pendulum glass door;
  • Sliding glass doors;
  • Automatic glass doors.

Hinged doors are most popular because of its cheapness and ease of installation. Glass door installation is carried out on two or three hinges which they are attached to the doorway or door frame.

Pendulum glass door able to open in both directions due to the axial fixing. This design is very convenient in places with high traffic of people (shops, offices, fitness centers, etc.). Usually, the pendulum input glass doors equipped with door closers that return them to the closed position. These doors can be as small as two and single. A large range of pendulum doors presented here, on the website of the company «South coast».

Sliding glass doors save valuable space, because, unlike swing, don’t require additional space for opening. Modern frameless mounting mechanism sliding doors can be installed in any partitions, leaving the floor completely flat.

Automatic glass doors are extremely easy to operate, but are expensive. They have the greatest capacity, protecting the room from heat loss, ingress of dirt and dust. These doors are mainly used in public places and institutions.

The installation of glass doors – it is quite complicated, so you should not take it without special training and equipment. It is better to turn to professionals who have with manufacturers. So you will be able to avoid many of the problems associated with the subsequent operation of your glass doors.

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