Ghar dalam — informative holiday in Malta

Ghar dalam - informative holiday in Malta

Holidays in Malta can be not only beach, but also educational. Visiting the cave Museum Ghar dalam, you can learn a lot from the history of primitive humanity, their world and the creatures that inhabited it at the time.

Malta is known for its sandy beaches and medieval architecture, but few know that there are caves with remains of prehistoric people and animals of the late ice age. One of these caves is called Ghar dalam. You can visit her having been in Malta, you need to execute documents, to use the white background photo for a visa to Malta, but also to buy a plane ticket or a cruise liner.

The cave of Ghar dalam is the oldest evidence of life of humans and animals in Malta and a real storehouse of fossils. Here you can see, for example, fossils of dwarf elephants and hippos, tortoise and birds who inhabited the island over 250,000 years ago. Traditionally, the appearance of the producing economy on the island historians associated with middle Eastern influences. However, with some exceptions (for example, Shanidar) caves in the middle East served as dwellings or places of long-term Parking. Besides the archaeological inventory of the cave can be described as pastoral, with the characteristics inherent in the so-called «African cattle complex» and known in archaeology as the «Khartoum Neolithic» or «sugar-Sudanese complex.» This complex occurs in the Sahara more than 10 thousand years ago and is different from the middle Eastern Neolithic cultural tradition.

Ceramic period, Ghar dalam is characterized as the local version of impresso pottery (cardium). This type of pottery gets its name from the fact that the dishes were applied stamped ornaments (usually with shells of Cardium), is widely distributed on the Islands and coasts of the Western Mediterranean and on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is believed that such a ceramic tradition originated in Gabala (Jbeil) in IX thousand to n. e, from where they migrated to Macedonia (Pre-Sesklo), and from there spread to the Western Mediterranean and the Adriatic (culture Daniel and Hvar).

However cebulska ceramics disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving behind a substantial extension between it and the Western Mediterranean impresso there is a significant chronological gap. On the contrary the oldest impresso appears in the Sahara in the IX-VIII B. E. thousand to whatever gibalskiego. Moreover, culture impresso possessed considerable Maritime potential, unknown in the cultures of the Middle East that helps to explain the emergence impresso in various regions imports. According to research by the Ukrainian archaeologist Dmitry Paskevich, the carriers of this culture in the VI thousand to n. e settled not only these areas but also had a significant impact on the formation of the bug-Dniester culture.

After a phase of Ghar dalam (5200-4500. to n. e, the analogue of Sicilian culture, Stentinello) there is a phase of Sorrow (4500-4100. to n. e), which, depending on the predominant type of ceramics, there are «grey» (in Sicily Serra Alto) and «red» (Diana). Because changes in this phase is significant in modern science, the main debate concerns two main aspects: the ratio of autochthonous and past (in particular, the appearance of temples and cult statues), and the direction of the impact. So, the female figurines of clay and terracotta refer to Oriental influences, and other on the technique of execution of the stone statues in the Iberian and the special distribution of these Iberian idols get in the bronze age in the Cyclades. Settlement of Sorrows occurs approx. 4850 R. B. e.., in the middle phase of Ghar dalam, while the emergence of the temple near the settlement is considered the beginning of «grey Sorrow». Because of this, a number of researchers tend to lengthen the time of the construction of the temple up to 5000 R. B. E.

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