Geosynthetics in road construction

use geosintetikov-in-dorozhnom-construction

Construction and reconstruction of roads is an important branch of modern industry. As highways are designed to be durable and to function in full, their construction should use the most effective technologies and materials. An important role in this area today play geosynthetic materials. They are intended for reinforcement of road construction, resulting in operational characteristics of the leaf are multiplied. For example, a huge popularity in recent times received the geogrid ( td-geo/materials/geosetka ).

Application in construction

This material has a mesh structure and is extremely robust. Depending on the scope of application distinguish mesh for asphalt concrete and soil. Geosynthetics of the second type are used to strengthen the slopes of the railroad tracks, and shorelines of artificial water reservoirs, construction of temporary access roads, strengthening of unstable soils prior to laying of pavement, the prevention of landslides etc. in addition to roads, geogrid is also used in the construction of runways and hydraulic structures. Properties of geogrid to a large extent also depend on the material from which they were made.

Currently manufacturers supply to the market of a grid consisting of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, glass, polyamide, polyester and, possibly, other polymer and synthetic materials. In addition, geogrids are uniaxial (oriented in the same direction) and biaxial (oriented simultaneously in two directions).

Each of these options has its advantages and almost no disadvantages. Geosynthetic Foundation reinforcement material determines its physical and mechanical properties. For example, the geogrid is resistant to corrosion, able to endure any extremes of temperature range from -40 ° C to +60 OS. It does not rot from moisture, does not crack and is of no interest to rodents.

Technical features of use

The reinforcing fabric, which are placed in the asphalt concrete, treated with a special compound that greatly increases adhesion. This makes the design more solid and durable. Depending on the modification, the mesh size varies from 5 to 50 mm. Polymeric reinforcement prevents cracking, potholes, delamination and other defects in the structure. Due to this, quality indicators improved roads and greatly increases the time between maintenance and rehabilitation works.

To date, the introduction of new technologies in the construction of roads is essential. Huge flows of bulk transport that moves daily on the Federal highway, make it clear how enormous loads subjected to the roadbed. Fortunately, geosynthetics can not only prolong life but to reduce financial investments in repair and construction projects. Therefore, the economic benefit from the use of geogrid is obvious.

Source: td-geo

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