Gel Polish — benefit or harm

Gel Polish - benefit or harm

Currently, the modern woman’s life settled this type of manicure as gel Polish. It is gaining popularity with each passing month. And it’s no wonder. Same with the manicure girl can contact with water and detergents without fear of chipping and cracking in nail Polish. But as with any type of manicure has its good and bad sides. Let’s talk about them in detail.

What is gel Polish?

According to professionals, the gel Polish does not harm the nails, only when prolonged wearing. In the composition of the gel-Polish is a chemical polymer compounds, they zagustevat when exposed to a UV lamp, so that the manicure lasts from 2-3 weeks. But upon further best gel Polish on the nails, it can cause the destruction of the natural sheath of the nail. Buy artistic gel Polish can be in specialized stores.

Nail Polish with gel has its advantages. When applied to a nail, the nail is in the absolute protection against external, mechanical influences of the external environment. Varnish does not allow him to break, deform or delaminate. After removal the nail looks very healthy and smooth, which can not fail to please the fair sex. But again, this is only under the condition that the duration of wear did not exceed 2 weeks. It is important to removed gel Polish proven specialist. Otherwise, if you try to do it yourself, damaged nail plate, and will have to spend a lot of time and money to restore it.

Great choice of colour palette attracts the attention of all the girls. To have a manicure bring only positive emotions for you and others, it should be done only from a certified master. Then you can not worry about the dangers.

Popular myths

Myth # 1

Manicure needs certain care, it is forbidden to wet the nails with water, acids and detergents.

The first 2 days after application on the nail, avoid contact of the nail plate with hot water. Because the polymerization process of the nail Polish is not fully completed yet there is a movement of molecules, and the hot water may cause cracks. A base layer of shellac is not exposed to water and fruit acids. In any case, cleaning should wear protective gloves, this not only protects your manicure but also will keep youth of hands.

Myth # 2

If you follow the whole process of applying the Polish, your nails are damaged and turn yellow.

This occurs most often through the human factor. Probably the work was done by a novice who made mistakes.

Myth # 3

Gel Polish has the ability to restore brittle nails.

Apply manicure is always only on a completely healthy nails. If the nail plate to crumble, flake and very brittle, it is necessary to undergo a rehabilitation course. Only then start to do a manicure.

Myth # 4

The application of gel-Polish is performed for a longer period of time than applying regular nail Polish.

It is a profound mistake. All the gel Polish takes no more than one hour. As with conventional varnish you need to spend about 2 hours to dry a manicure.

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