Gazebos, metal custom: custom solutions from professionals

Gazebos, metal custom: custom solutions from professionals

The opportunity to bring in metal most daring design idea allows to make an original gazebo in virtually any shape, and proportion. The visual lightness of the structure gazebo metal provide decorative elements of artistic forging, serving as its elegant decoration. Durability, easy care, showy design the main components of advantages of metal gazebos.

Algorithm design manufacturer

The basis for the frame the metal gazebo is profiled tube of the required diameter, tested for strength and reliability. For protection against environmental influences, the material undergoes special treatment to prevent corrosion. After welding subassemblies perform Stripping of weld. The prepared surface of the frame degreased and then primed.

At the final stage produce a painting with the spray. In the process of installing a gazebo made of metal on the customer’s specialists carry out the cleaning and touch-up of welds using a brush. To cover the surface of the frame of the applied paint of the desired color depending on the wishes of the client.

Types of roofs

Design and construction of the roof of the gazebo depends largely on the type of frame. The variety of options provides a choice of the optimal form of roofing for gazebos which can be:

  • one — and gable;
  • convex and concave;
  • single and multi-tiered;
  • tower and dome.

The most popular material for roofing is cellular and monolithic polycarbonate in various shades. This is due to its versatile mechanical properties, resistance to weathering, spectacular design and affordable price. The material combines:

  • plasticity and flexibility;
  • durability and strength;
  • ease of installation and ease of handling.
  • fire safety and chemical resistance.

Privilege models to order

Advantages of making a gazebo made of metal to order obvious, since the buyer gets exactly the design they need. Here nothing is neglected, and the proportions of the model itself, and the shape of the canopy, its appearance, design designs and sizes. To find a gazebo among the range of finished portable products almost impossible.

Why customers choose experienced craftsmen?

The answer is quite simple. They do not use standard techniques in the process of making gazebos and produce exclusive design that meets all customer requirements in all indicators. The quality of the work can easily be judged by the reviews of those who have already used the services of AMLC (their website — amlk/) and became the owner of the original gazebo from professionals.

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