Garden furniture and features select

Garden furniture and features select

Garden furniture is an essential attribute of every house, brings relaxation and tranquility surrounded by the summer garden.

Stopping in front of the selection of furniture in the garden, you have to wonder about the functions it should perform. If the garden is designed exclusively for relaxation, you can put a few chairs and a bench-swing. If the garden used to work, to relax in the evening at a table in the company of loved ones. When creating a garden, natural must be the desire to achieve the correct forms and clear lines that are in the house of harmony.

Street garden furniture is a separate direction in design, which is given attention, it is widely used not only in private gardens, but also where it is needed. There are three main types of rattan furniture, metal and wood. The main link of these materials have soft seats and pillows, which are made of foam, which you can read here. Foam always holds its shape and dries easily after rain, these qualities made it the most popular in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Designers develop metal frames in the form of chairs and benches, and then just fill them with thick and soft cushions. It turns out comfortable furniture that is easy to care for, and if necessary to change the design. Garden furniture should be durable, do not fade, and the cushions dry quickly after a rain.

In modern gardens, welcomed comfortable and streamlined furniture with comfortable cushions. Such furniture should be a continuation of the whole landscape, literally merge with it. So while designing garden design, many designers choose in advance a set of garden furnitureto achieve the perfect shapes. Classic gardens with a romantic slant, will look great with wrought-iron furniture, which also needs to decorate soft pillows. This furniture is designed for short tea or conversations, after which will be a walk in the garden. Wrought iron furniture can act as a decoration and is not used in everyday life. Beautiful chair or table, emphasize the ease and grace of even a small garden, giving it a mystery. So popular nowadays , garden furniture made of rattan, is a perfect addition to a tropical garden with palm trees and cacti, as well as for home Mediterranean style.

There are several varieties of furniture from rattan, which become individuality only through the cushions. Rattan furniture has become especially popular in hotels, cafes, spas and summer resorts, so for private homes, designers are working on creating artificial sets. Garden furniture made of wood, is a traditional, naturally blend into any landscape. However, the garden furniture made of wood requires a careful treatment, especially in wet weather and it is better to place the covered terraces or under a sun umbrella. If the garden is not very big, can put the compact furniture, with complex mechanisms. This will allow you to create a mini garden on the balcony, enjoying the view surrounded by beautiful plants.

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