Game «goat Simulator» — feel like an animal

Game goat simulator - feel like an animal

Game «goat Simulator»!! was invented and established in 2014 the programmers of the Studio Coffee Stain Studios. This is a full goat simulator, which gives you the option driving these animals to experience all the joys and sorrows of his life. First, «goat Simulator» was released only for personal computers, but recently, a version for iOS and Android.

Goat simulator, according to the developers of this game have been conceived as a fun parody game about skateboarders and skateboarding, where players are constantly maim their characters and break all around the face or naskakivaya on various items. I got this game on April 1, so you know that the serious attitude toward it is not worth it.

If you try to find !!the passing game «goat Simulator»!!, it will not find anything. The fact is that in this game there is no goal, mission or quest. You have complete freedom of action and free to move in any direction like a real jerk who ran away from his master. Run, jump and play for fun! You can climb on buildings and transport, to push and destroy everything in its path. One word – kill your own time, because this is what the game intended. However, like all other games.

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