Game for development of attention in children

Game for development of attention in children

One of the most important psychological qualities of a child is attention. It is associated with focus and perseverance. In order for the baby easier and faster in school, parents need to develop this quality in children. We offer you a small selection of games for development of attention in children.

Develop fine mind such games as the designers, coloring books and puzzles. For example, on the website gallerix/pazly/, there are online puzzles that your child can play by himself. If you have enough free time, it is better to play with a child in the next game for development of attention.

Funny monkeys

You can play at home or on the street. The more participants, the merrier. Leading is getting the players and starts to show various movements, gradually speeding up the rhythm and complicating the movement. The players ‘ task is to repeat exactly over the lead.

Spot the difference

Offer the child two identical pictures with minor differences. Ask them to find the differences. When the first attempt to help the child. Gradually let more complex pictures with lots of differences.

Find a couple

Put in a basket or box pair of objects. For example, two identical toys, two dice or ball of the same color, socks, mittens, gloves. Give the job to child find for all items pair.

The most observant

The game can be done in the house and on the street. Encourage your child to look around and name objects according to a given characteristic. For example, all green, round, square, soft, hard, etc.


Pour into a bowl of cereals of different types. For a small child it might be a large grain, e.g., whole peas, beans or corn. For older children you can take rice, buckwheat, lentils. Invite a child to share all the grains into separate piles.


In the bag fold up small objects or toys. Turns call that the child should pull out. The child’s task, not peeping in the bag to pull out exactly what you mentioned.

What’s missing

Lay On the table a few items. Tell the child to look away or leave the room. At this time, clear one item. The kid needs to guess what disappeared.


The old and much-loved game. Perfectly develops attention. You can play with young children.

Edible – inedible

Everyone knows the game. You throw the kid the ball and call the object by name. If it’s edible, the kid has to catch the ball, if not – discard.

The letter ban

The child name the letter that cannot be pronounced. Then take turns saying a different word. The child’s task to pronounce the words by repeating after the facilitator, but do not call them forbidden letter.

As much as possible play with your children in educational games. It is possible to start from an early age.

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