Furniture for living — rules of the buyer

Furniture for living - rules of the buyer

Today it is difficult to imagine a cosy living room where routinely collected from family members, relatives and friends, without soft ware. After all, this room is intended for comfortable rest and prolonged sitting in a circle of close people. And upholstered furniture for the living room is the most conducive to a good atmosphere.

Emption of quality upholstered furniture

  • Replacing outdated image. When you overhaul of the room, that includes upgrading the old design and its color palette, you can always change the upholstery of your furniture. Thus, it will fit perfectly in the new interior and will delight the owners for many years.
  • Long term of operation. Given the above, it should be noted that hauling furniture designs also significantly extends their service for several years. This service will allow you to choose the desired material for the surface coating, however, requires a fairly large financial costs.
  • Practicality in use. Soft models conducive to the full relaxation of the human body, improve blood circulation and normalize sleep. Due to its structure, this furniture creates a feeling of lightness, has no sharp edges or cold coating, and therefore always the favourite, most of the customers of the website domson.

Common upholstery materials

  • Flock – a kind of velvet, especially pleasant to the touch. It is a combination of matter that combines polyester and cotton, from above, using the electrostatic method, covered with a nylon or nylon pile. It is characterized by resistance to tearing or abrasion of the fabric, in addition, it is waterproof and does not require special care.
  • Jacquard. For this type of fabric characteristic pattern with the effect of the bump, often similar to a standard canvas. Partially it is similar to the tapestry, as can be woven of multicolored threads. The material itself is quite practical and unpretentious, as can be easily cleaned of stains and quite water resistant.
  • Tapestry. According to their external features, he resembles a variegated carpet fabric, pleasant to the touch, with high strength and durability. Moreover, tapestry is not subject to discoloration, and if necessary it can be cleaned with detergent and a sponge.
  • Kurtizan. This material is most in demand in homes where there are Pets or children, as its special coating allows you to effortlessly remove grease or ink stains and dirt. In addition, it can withstand the regular impact of the claws Pets of the owners, does not conduct current and does not get wet.
  • Skin. According to the prevalent opinion, that is leather upholstery symbolizes prestige and wealth of the person and his firm. It is worth noting that the modern market offers many variations of this fabric, as well as its artificial counterpart, and thus everyone can afford such a pleasure.

You should pay attention to when buying?

For quality assurance, buying furniture for the living room you first need to make sure that it meets all of the standards and does not contain marriage. To do this simply:

  • Buying model of upholstered furniture, you should pay attention to connect the seams. They must be bound each in his own line and should not hang around the extra thread or the places of their early completion.
  • Worth checking out products on the subject of small holes in the fabric, cracks or worn parts, and if the fabric with a NAP, you should make sure that it doesn’t shed.
  • In addition, you can test the model in practice, to sit or lie down on it, allowing to evaluate the level of comfort, as well as to perform the further reaction of the furniture design. Defective product can be very sink or is it somehow reflected in the structure of its upholstery.
  • When buying upholstered furniture with the presence of folding mechanism is previous to verify its serviceability.

In conclusion we can say that the arrangement of our living room upholstered furniture – the right decision in the future will allow owners to get a lot of pleasure from this relaxing stay.

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