Furniture «EMOZIONI DI CASA» in Moscow


The interior of our home is the Foundation of well – being and inner harmony in the family. Everything in the apartment or house should cause us only positive emotions, to give joy and rest after a busy day.

The perfect solution for creating a unique and cozy interior with Italian furniture from the warehouse. It is beautiful, convenient for work and leisure, has only natural materials in its composition and is distinguished by its ergonomics and design. The one who bought chairs, chests of drawers, chairs and sofas directly from the Italian masters, and can easily write yourself into plus the unique design of furniture and its classic layout.

Most Italian features you will need in the living room and the bedroom. It is in these rooms you can build in the Renaissance style, or to give them a resemblance to the famous sculptures of Ancient Rome. The correct solution is to Italian furniture dressers in the dining room and common room. Vintage design and chic look, this furniture will surely delight friends and acquaintances. Beds and wardrobes in the bedroom allow to escape into the arms of Morpheus among the aroma of natural wood and soft, muted colors.

The competitiveness of the furniture of the Peninsula is confirmed by centuries of popularity and thousands of grateful users. It is in the palaces of the ruling Royal families and is represented in collections of rare things, she admired private owners and with it enhance your performance the heads of large companies.

It’s not a drop hypoallergenic materials, hazardous heavy metals, corrosive paint and untested chemical compounds. Therefore, those who have acquired Italian furniture, always cheerful spirit and a healthy body. Usually, these people know the value of themselves and others of their things. They can’t afford to have a home cheap household items from China, who do not pass the first round of inspections for safety and compliance to Standards and international norms of the industry. And that family health and positive communication with the world!

Italian masters of the tree to create their masterpieces in the form of drawers, wardrobes, bedside cabinets and sofas with love and soul. This is their mentality, because they are really proud of created by things. And well, when we have the opportunity every day to touch these wonderful creations of human hands that give us their warmth and make our home brighter and cozier!

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