Functional types of flooring

Functional flooring

Home, office, school, kindergarten, institution there are areas and spaces that require practical and functional types of floor coverings. Originality of design and beauty in their selection are in second place. Which version of the decor of the floor here will be suitable and whether there is in it a necessity?

Unpretentious decor

Carpet and carpet treat is unpretentious and easy to clean flooring. They can be lint-free or to have a short brush. These products are manufactured from synthetic materials: varieties of polypropylene, polyamide, polyester. The popularity, durability and variety of produce product with PP Hat set. This synthetic material is surprising the best combination of quality and affordability. Hat set is safe for health, does not cause allergies, because it produces rugs and children’s carpet.

Specifications of polypropylene:

  • not static;
  • resistant to sunlight;
  • can’t absorb moisture;
  • to retain the color and warmth;
  • suitable for areas with medium intensity of use.

From inexpensive and practical synthetic polyamide is isolated. It can withstand heavy loads, wet cleaning, a variety of color and texture. If you choose carpet made from polyamide baby in Internet store Coverbase, you can be confident in its long lifespan, resistance to dirt and hypoallergenic. The only negative – weak heat.

Rules of choice of floor coverings

The track is a traditional way of floor design in the hallway or other narrow space. Such areas do not have good lighting and sophisticated interior design, so the choice of flooring these nuances need to be considered. The color scheme of the carpet is better to choose a medium intensity that has a large pattern or longitudinal stripes. This can be a product with a simple geometric pattern or ornament on the edge. Scheme is predominantly basic, diluted two additional warm shades. Base color:

  • grey;
  • beige;
  • brown;
  • olive.

If along the hallway window, colors may be darker.

When choosing a children’s carpet is a preference for positive color. There are options of carpet with a pattern that will not only decor for the floor, but will restrict the playing area for a child. An active child will fit more quiet colors, and exponential and sensible – bright and dynamic. When the question of the choice of flooring based on the requirements of practicality and affordability, carpet, and carpet will take a leading place among the other decor options.

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