Functional interior design for comfortable living


The functional interior design and beautifully designed living space is the basis for the implementation of a cozy atmosphere where there is harmony and orderliness. Practical and modern design one-bedroom apartments, providing the creation of organic lines and shapes to meet modern trends of the interior.

The functionality of a small space depends on the ergonomic zoning, the proper selection of furniture and style design apartments. Among the huge variety of interior styles originating from different areas (classical and modern), quite difficult to define a good choice.

Functional design a Studio apartment

The solution to the problem of living space with a small size, is the functional planning in a good color performance, which provides a visual extension of the living area. The internal decoration of the Studio «family nest» can perform multiple functions.

Many options of apartment design give the owners of square feet to make decisions that can combine comfort, practicality and style. In multifunctional remarkable decor, which can be viewed on the website really work, relax and entertain guests. If you live in a flat children, then you must enough thoughtful zoning of areas, tailored to the needs of family members.

Contemporary design in apartment

The original design of the decoration of the room and the rooms are functional and, ultimately, deserves special attention, because it affects the attitude of the person. Supporters of comfort, offers a wide range of options of styles of accommodation:

  • modification of design Studio apartment in hi-tech, minimalism and minimalism;
  • popular Scandinavian, French and Mediterranean styles.
  • universal Chebbi chic, Provence, ekostil;
  • the actual romantic and eclectic direction.

The right choice of colors and layout of apartment design, contributes to the healthy emotional state of residents. Soft, light, subtle colours of the walls, ceiling and furniture designs, will make the atmosphere of the accommodation easy and pleasant.

Saving time and money

To arrange a private area in the form desired with a perfect combination of performance planning – the dream of many people. One-bedroom apartment can compactly accommodate a living room, dining room, bedroom, saving time and money.

The best way to meet the housing interests of families in a Studio apartment, with a small material costs, will be ordering the consultation and execution of works of professionals.

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