French village of Chanaz — virtual photo tour

French village of Chanaz - virtual photo tour

French village of Chanaz is a small village located in the South-East of France. It is located in the region of Savoie of the French region rhône-Alpes. The population of this French village with only about 400 people. Its main attraction is its architecture and a network of water channels that permeate the entire village, making her look like a little Venice.

French village of Chanaz – virtual photo tour

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The village of Chanaz is very similar to the scenery for a fairy tale: beautiful, well-tended houses, the architecture of the buildings in the style of Provence, clean streets and smiling residents and a large number of colors. French village of Chanaz is located between lake Bourget and the Rhone. The channel that connects the lake passes through the village, adding to her charm and attractiveness.

For scenic views and beauty in the village of Chanaz is annually visited by many tourists from all over the world. This year, on 7 and 8 July, there was a real Venetian costume parade. This is a great example of how even in a small village, you can live well, earning on the tourists!

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