Frame-panel houses — modern technology of construction

Frame-panel houses - modern technology of construction

Frame-panel houses today are very popular. Construction of frame houses in large volumes performed in Canada, USA and Europe. This modern construction technology has also become quite popular in Russia, especially in Moscow region.

Decided to build a house? Immediately the question arises: what technology and material to choose, so the structure was strong, yet to keep low the thermal conductivity? To solve this dilemma by using the frame house. In them the main burden of the weight of the house bearing frame made of wood (sometimes of metal or concrete), and the free space is filled with conducting material.

Prefabricated houses in modern construction

Construction of frame panel houses has the following advantages:

1. Quick construction of houses. A maximum of three months you get a reliable shelter with a beautiful exterior and interior trim. During this period to build a conventional brick or stone house just impossible.

2. Quite a reasonable price. A frame house turnkey significantly reduce costs through the use of modern insulating materials, economical types of Foundation. No need to use a lot of builders and special equipment.

3. Energy saving. Such a system is used the insulation that keeps heat in the house for a long time.

4. A variety of external and internal finishes. Projects of frame houses make housing completely individual, it all depends on the taste of the owner.

5. The strength and durability. The construction is a wooden frame that is filled with quite warm and durable material – structural insulated panels. They are water-resistant, can withstand all weather conditions, easily handled and keep the mount. Structural insulated panels have unique properties of heat insulation, so indispensable in modern construction. Externally finished frame house cover windproof materials, which allows you to keep the wooden frame and insulation for many years.

6. The comfort and convenience of living. During the construction of houses on frame method uses a special air system which is able to adjust the climate in each room (in winter, the air is heated and in summer cooled).

7. Build a cheap frame house all year round, they do not shrink. The technology of their Assembly is very simple and does not require much specific knowledge.

And now for the cons of timber frame constructions: they must be forced-air ventilation (from dampness). Projects one-story frame houses can be one story or two stories (not above). For example, a construction company «Builder» on his website provides a choice of more than a dozen different variants of timber frame houses to suit every taste. Here you can order a home that will meet all your requirements.

But do not forget that any house requires constant proper care. If the time to fulfill all the rules, a timber frame house will delight you for years.

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