Forms of bags in womens wardrobe — the 5 main types


Forms of bags in womens wardrobe is varied, but there are 5 main that can replace all others! Every woman’s wardrobe should have a few basic forms of bags that will fit different outfits and occasions. Stylists have identified five bags that are recommended to buy a woman, for a meaningful and confident way.

Fashionable forms of bag – little black bag

Small black handbag, the first instance in every woman’s wardrobe. Due to the simplicity and versatility, this bag almost everywhere will be appropriate. Light and small, handbag calls for an easy walk or a quiet evening. Famous brands often create their collections small black purse. The bag should be simple yet quality made. A similar thing used more often than others because of quality, one of the main selection criteria.

Roomy bag

Versatile and roomy bag concise form, ideal for every day. Plus such things are not only in its capacity, it stands out for its volume, emphasizing femininity and determination. Roomy bag, looks good in bright colors, where the entire image can be bright or neutral tones that prefer girls in autumn and winter, highlighting its independence. Tote can be made of dense fabric, which gives the opportunity to walk with her to the beach.


Bag, can be of two types: formal and casual.

  • Evening clutch bag need to Shine and stand out or just be bright colors.
  • Casual clutch, acts as a large purse and especially love women who have their own car.
  • You can choose a generic bag that will be appropriate in any time of the day.

Strict business bag

Bags more suitable for business style than the classic model simply does not exist. Frame bags began to gain popularity after special attention to them royals. Every woman wants to feel like a Princess or an independent business woman. Strict rectangular bag, a necessary in the wardrobe for important meetings and documents.

Leather backpack

Backpack in the closet, will solve a lot of problems. A convenient and stylish accessory that ladies all over the world do not leave unattended for several years. Small and bright leather backpack, create a unique image of a teenage girl. Such accessories, lift mood and set the relaxed leisure. The girl with the backpack romantic and immediate. Backpack if indicates readiness for a long and pleasant adventure. Backpack over the shoulders, like wings, carries light forward, releasing your hands for creativity.

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