Folding door in modern interior

Folding door in modern interior

Interior doors-books represent one of the varieties of complex structures. Its name they received due to the peculiarities of the structure, which can significantly save valuable space in the room. Most of these doors are installed in homes, where the traditional is just not enough space. They are produced exclusively to order in accordance with the exact measurements of the door openings of the customer.

What is the door-book?

Doors book by design is somewhat reminiscent of shutters, each shutter consists of two elements that, combined, off to the side along the rail, and then fixed in the desired position by means of a special retainer.

Folding doors of this type may have one or two leaves, are deaf or glazed. Variants of decoration of the complex door there are many, in particular, the original kind they give metal and glass elements, which not only perfectly fit in with the overall style of the room, but to make a real decoration of the interior.

Material for the production of such products can be chosen either starting from the array and ending with more cheap plastic. However, the most common materials are still considered wood and glass, as they are environmentally friendly in the house and create a favorable microclimate. Door ekoshpon, too, can be a good alternative, they are placed quite often.

Where to use door-book?

As the doors such a construction should not be used because of the many moving parts and inadequate insulation. But in all other areas they will look just amazing due to the originality and huge selection of design options. The only place to install them is not recommended – it’s a children’s room as a very complex design doors can be dangerous for small children.

In fact, folding doors-owner represents a kind of partition between functional areas – this is why it is often installed in office buildings, in particular, where the total space should be divided into several jobs.

Design features allow you to open these doors in any direction, may change not only their width but also the height, moreover, such structures do not need a nut, they are considered non-threshold and do not need any special space to hide the wings – they can be arranged in assembled form just along the wall.

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