Flower Park Keukenhof (Amsterdam , Holland)

In the spring Park Keukenhof (Keukenhof) is the most attractive flower Park in Holland. For 8 weeks on 32 acres of land in bloom a variety of flowers in all colors of the rainbow. Grow these flowers 30 gardeners beginning in September and until the first frost.

Translated from the Dutch Park Keukenhof means «Kitchen garden».In the Park Keukenhof in addition to the huge number of blooming bulb flowers presented a beautiful exhibition of flowers, dedicated to the carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies and other flowers. Also here is the largest sculpture Park in the Netherlands.The Dutch Park Keukenhof, located near Amsterdam. The Park was founded in 1949. This place for a few decades was truly the most flowery place in the Netherlands and the most inspiring for tourists from all continents.

Park Keukenhof is open from mid-March to late may, because spring is here in full bloom with millions of bulbous plants.Today, the Park Keukenhof is several kilometers of gardens of daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers.

Designers every year are working to create new, unique compositions.

The history of Keukenhof in Dutch means «Kitchen garden», is inextricably linked with the name of Countess van Baren. In the XV century on these lands, the possessions of this amazing woman. Here she grows herbs for the kitchen court. A great lover of hunting, for his short 36 years of life she managed a lot: changed four husbands, spent time in prison, took part in several wars. In one of the

battles enemy the Countess was her own husband.

The middle of the XVII century for Europe – a time of Tulip fever. The Dutch tulips that have been exposed to an unknown virus that appeared unusual coloration. The market prices sharply climbed up. The bulbs were bought for crazy prices. They say that in 1637 one bulb sold, you could buy the whole estate. Many visionaries had amassed this fortune.

Bookmark parkland Keukenhof began in 1857. This is based on the classic principles of English Park construction. The idea of a Park of flowers appeared in manufacturers and exporters of flowers in 1949. They decided to create a visual exhibition for trade in flowers. Began to grow not only tulips, but daffodils, hyacinths, Japanese Sakura – a thousand color ornaments.

Today, the Park Keukenhof is spread over an area of 32 hectares and a sea of delicious spring flowers, shimmering in all imaginable and unimaginable colors. This is an old Park with old trees and picturesque ponds. All this splendor is complemented channels, waterfalls and fountains. That’s six million tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. And, of course, is the largest and most beautiful spring garden of the Old world.

Every season in Kokenhof devoted to some significant event. For example, last year marked the 300th anniversary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus – the famous Swedish botanist and biologist. In the Netherlands he continued his studies after graduating from a Swedish University, here he received the degree of doctor of science. Homage to the famous countryman gave crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who was present at the opening of the Park. And famous the monopolist furniture IKEA in honor of his opened a pavilion entitled «Flowers as part of the design of your home.»

To visit the Keukenhof can take a whole day. Walking along the paths and trails of this beautiful Park, Holland, admiring the variety of bright colors and breathing in the unusual scent of flowers, never ceases to amaze with new, successive landscapes. Swans floating on the pond, replaced by flower beds with an unusual range of colors. And then suddenly at the edges of the Tulip fields, you receive a working windmill.

Along many alleys sculptures of Dutch and foreign artists of different eras, such as Koning, Chervil, Vermeer, Browning and many others. Among them are a series of works by Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynova. Part of the exhibited sculptures belongs to the Park, and they are the prices. And the local farm animals gives the impression that you are in a normal Dutch village, which was decorated with thousands of flowers and elegant sculptures.

Royal Park of flowers Keukenhof is under the patronage of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. It even has its own pavilion, in which are arranged the annual flower show. There are several indoor pavilions with floral displays. Visitors to the «Garden of Nature» can experience total equilibrium with nature. Once in the «Music garden» the sound of music enjoy the view specially grown flowers. And in the «Historic garden» you as you get back to the middle ages. And another exhibition of the Royal hat who once really were royalty, «Bollebozen» – children’s world, a labyrinth, a play meadow, restaurants, cafe, English tea pavilion and much, much more.



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