Floristics: outdated concept or a fashion trend?

Floristics: outdated concept or a fashion trend?

Floristry is an outdated concept or a fashion trend? In that case, if the professional is working on the design of the house, the customer begins to offer a variety of solutions from the class of floristry, often the reaction is the same. People are immediately outraged reply that neither flowersnor vases in their house is not the place, and who generally like solutions that do not fit into a fashion trend, now pays attention? However, there is also the opposite side – there are people who are willing his city apartment to turn literally into the jungle. Well, both extremes – the approach is wrong. It is not necessary to abuse the possibilities of floristry, nor to neglect it. The stylistic stamp is now irrelevant, long past the time when something meant a limit, the elements of floristry find a place for himself regardless of the primary solution.

Floral for the masses, and to this day – room gardening, but it is worth remembering that it is a broader concept. Collages, murals, collections of dried flowers and compositions, gathered from the flowers should also be attributed to floral design. It’s arts and crafts that not only works with living plants, it is also interested in all this, one way or another connected with the world of vegetation. To use in decorating various items. It can be fruits, nuts, herbs, leaves, dried. Turnkey solutions are sold on sites like yarmarka-dekora.

From year to year more and more relevant these are the styles of typical correct lines and crisp geometry. It’s ovals and circles, straight lines and angles, triangles and similar shapes. High-tech especially clearly confirms the relevance of such design decisions. He the host of the geometry, adjusted to the millimeter. But arc, smooth lines present in a very wide variety, it may, and gently, yet boring and too monotone. If we turn to the visual contrasts, the integrity, the correctness of the used lines and shapes to highlight particularly clearly. When it comes to contrasting the allocation, here the floristic elements be very useful. Nature knows no vegetation that would be known perfectly straight lines, and so the emphasis will be even strong, but not dominant. Floristic elements are relevant at all times and are not dependent on fashion trends. Over time, the flora undergoes certain changes, it becomes more difficult. While previously, it was enough to find places for geraniums and a couple of cacti, the number of variations is beyond counting. And each of them more the other.

There are some known rules that are not regulated. They describe the relevance of floristry in the living room. You should know in order to avoid unpleasant situations. In particular, artificial flowers. The vegetation of artificial origin should not be used in the design of residential interiors. They are incredibly bright, in use process do not require care, but made of plastic. Outwardly, it is kitsch, like any other mass-produced goods, which are manufactured from artificial materials. Risky step is to put the house plant tall or massive. If the room is small enough, if the height of the ceiling of a small, palm here is quite inappropriate. The top point of the flower should be no more than the height of the middle of the room.

If we are talking about the design of balconies, terraces, here as is impossible by the way will be a variety of shelves with flowers, which includes plants of all varieties. In the case where this refers to the dwelling, the use of such elements should be avoided. At the same plants that are seen in a residential area, you first need to study carefully. We are talking about their needs in the world, and about what they smell, as well as many other nuances. You need to imagine what a few years will be the flower.

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