Florist — an interesting profession for creative people

Florist - an interesting profession for creative people

Florist – an interesting profession for creative people, which today has become extremely popular and in demand. To the services of florists is used in the decoration of celebrations, interiors or landscapes. In this article you will learn in detail about the work of a florist and all that goes with it.

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Many people think that the florist and the flower seller are one and the same, but it is not. The profession of florist is a very interesting craft that requires imagination, knowledge of the basics of composition, color theory and light, botany and biology. To date, this profession has several specializations:

  • florist-decorator;
  • floral specialist;
  • designer floral arrangements;
  • florist-designer;
  • graphic designer in the field of floristry.

In General scale florists are divided into fito designer and landscape designers. The floral specialist is preparing the floral arrangements of fresh and dry plants, and adorns the interiors. A landscape designer works not only with plants but also soil. He adorns gardens, creates gardens and parks.

The florist should be able to not only make a beautiful bouquet or a flower arrangement, but also, if necessary, to decorate a festive table, a Banquet hall or a car. To do this, use a variety of techniques and tools for exploration that requires time, patience and diligence. To learn this profession is possible after finishing the training of florists. Usually trained florists lasts about three months.

The job of a florist is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. There are many nuances, without knowledge of which you will not be able to create a particular bouquet, grow a tree or Bush. You should be well versed in a great variety of modern colors. Every variety and species of plants have their own terms and timing of planting, storage and layout. For example, lilies should not be put in the same vase with other flowers, because they wilt very quickly. In addition, the work of the florist associated with a constant humidity and coolness for the plants are better kept, they need to create the right environment savings. People suffering from Allergy to pollen you can just forget about a career florist. Also, do not do this those who are afraid to cut or prick the hands because contact with some flowers this can not be avoided.

The florist can work both independently and as part of the company. For example, «Florist» is not simply selling flowers through the Internet, but also to develop gorgeous bouquets. Doing it experienced florists. On the website of florist ru reviews testify to the high professionalism of this organization and the wonderful mood that brings people to their work..

Despite some negative aspects, the work of florist, like any other creative profession that can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. Once you’ve mastered it, You can make wonderful bouquets, flower arrangements, decorate the room and create an incredible landscape composition. It pays well and, after reaching a certain skill level, you can forget about financial problems.

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