Floorwood is a source of endless comfort and good mood


Laminate with a lifetime guarantee? It is now possible. The German brand is only modern Floorwood flooring is manufactured in accordance with high technology and innovative standards.

About Floorwood

Presents the group successfully develops its production in many countries, including Germany (it is the country of origin of the brand), Russia, China, Belgium and Belarus. Employees carry out the activity with love and inspiration that is the final touch in making an indispensable element of any interior. Its advisable to review all «notes» relevant to the process of production of the laminate Floodwood.

We all know that Germany is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of flooring. The fact that indigenous people do not consider the laminate as standard material – they charge higher. The Germans give their products a bright range of positive emotions that allows you to make any interior shades of comfort and security, of course, affect the emotional state of the person and pleasing to him.

It is important to note that the technology of laminate flooring is continuously improving. This allows the flooring Floorwood take their rightful position on the world market. So, the infinite achievements of engineers and the far flight of fancy of designers create a true masterpiece in accordance with modern standards in terms of fashion.

The physical characteristics of the laminate

The physical characteristics of the laminate, of course, pleases. Among them it is possible to provide sufficient strength, durability, reliability of connections, the increased level of water resistance, which allows the use of these coatings even in the kitchen without worrying about water or other liquids on the floor.

In addition, the coating Floodwood are renowned for high environmental safety as they are made in strict accordance with European requirements. Thus, the basic organic material in the composition of the laminate is wood, whose structure contains 90 per cent. Moreover, all coverages are mandatory antistatic treatment that gives them even greater degree of safety.

You should take into account that the range flooring from Floodwood is diverse and special brightness. This makes it easy to choose laminate flooring for any interior. Thus, the flooring of the German manufacturer is direct evidence that a laminate with a lifetime warranty exists and you can buy it in Russia, despite the German origin. Safer to buy from official dealers, one of which is this bspol/laminat/floorwood

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