Flat in offset – features and order transactions

Flat in offset – features and order transactions

Experts say that in the modern market most of trading is done to improve their living conditions, and not just for financial investment. However, many buyers try to sell their old homes and buy a property in the building.

Exchange old apartments for new: tricks of procedure

The principles of «the apartment in the credit» can be summarized as follows:

  • the contract with the developer for the purchase of new buildings;
  • the construction company sends a buyer in a real estate Agency, or to your Department for the sale of the old apartment;
  • assessment of existing apartments, set term of its implementation, which negotiated the purchase of a new apartment;
  • after the sale of the old apartment received a payment for the purchase of new;
  • to pay the remaining amount may be offered a mortgage or installments from the Builder.

Proposed system «the apartment in the credit» today, many construction companies of St. Petersburg. Usually this approach is used for the purchase of housing in the finished building – it’s convenient, it sold the old apartment, you can immediately move into a new one. There is also an option when a contract by which the buyer can live in his apartment until putting the house in operation.

Risks related to apartments in the standings»

Existing statistics confirm that this service is particularly in demand for sale two and three bedroom apartments. Buyers prefer to buy a more spacious housing in the new building are set to move soon and are interested in already commissioned homes. Apartment in new building reserved, until sold old homes. Following this agreement, the buyer will receive keys from new housing.

But to buyers it is important to understand that some specific risks can be kept. First of all, there is a possibility of financial overpayments – where the old apartment will be priced below fair market value. Also the cost of new buildings to the moment of delivery of object in operation can be increased, so you need a large financial investment. Another risk is that the buyer may not be able to sell my old apartment during new construction. In this case he loses the first installment paid earlier, because developers did not return.

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