Flash memory card — creativity and design

Flash memory card is a creative and design theme rare but quite common. Nowadays USB flash drives and memory cards have replaced popular in the recent past, CD-ROMs, diskettes and portable hard drives. Today, it is one of the most convenient and practical media, which is almost everyone. In this article you will be able to see the most interesting designs of flash memory, collected me on the Internet.

Creative design flash memory 28

The unusual design of flash memory cards

The small size of flash memory has made it very convenient, but limited the design idea. To create an interesting and attractive flash drive is not so simple, because it needs to be not only unusual, but comfortable to wear. For example, a good option I think stick with a pin. A stick is comfortable to wear in the office. Ready for a stylish fit USB flash drive in the shape of a crucifix, and clubbers the flash memory in the form of a bracelet. Also liked the design of the microsd card. Usually they are black and ugly, but these look very nice.

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