Fitesten in the interior of your home

Fitesten in the interior of your home

Piestany are now becoming more popular. Modern interior designers who follow the development trend of decorating the room, often include Piestany in their new projects. With their help it is possible not only to make the interior more natural, but also to improve the quality of the air in the room. Examples of vertical gardens and details in this article.

Modern Piestany


Everyone knows that indoor plants can moisturize, clean and make indoor air more fresh. However, many people forget about it, relying on air conditioning and ventilation system, type split LG. Practice shows that mechanical ventilation can create a microclimate, but does not affect the air quality. As a result, the residents have problems with health.

Piestany orvertical gardens» of living plants that filter the air and produce substances that suppress the activity of microorganisms contained in the air. Thanks to the vertical position on the wall surface, there is a possibility of location in the room such a number of plants which can not be surpassed by any window sill or stand for flower pots. The result is a sheet mass which is able to create a room atmosphere of the rainforest. This is very useful for everyone, especially people with respiratory illnesses.

VitaScene has a gorgeous appearance which can match even the most expensive Wallpaper or murals. It gives the room a more aesthetic appearance. Due to its large area, VitaScene can be used to hide irregularities and defects in the walls and also to hide the communications. It also provides excellent soundproofing of the room.

Modern Piestany have a fairly simple design. It can be either solid or modular design includes an automatic watering system. It can be both Autonomous and connected to the water supply and sanitation. The shape and size of Piestany completely depends on your imagination. Selecting different types of plants, the designers create on faostino real live pictures of the flowers and plants of different varieties.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union Piestany came fairly recently and meet them in the interior – a rarity. Today the creation of vertical gardens can be for many an excellent idea for a business or interesting hobby.









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