Fireplaces wood burning for home and not only

Fireplaces wood burning for home and not only

Fireplaces wood burning for home , and not only in some cases is the main source of heat in the cold season or cool day. Also often the fireplaces used as supplemental or the main decor in the room. Very romantic to watch the fire burning, wrapped in a warm blanket and listen to the crackling fire. It helps to relax and warm up. Mostly the price of such pleasure is quite a lot if it is made to order or bought in a store. If you’re doing with your hands, it is possible to significantly reduce costs. In the store you can find stone, electric, decorative as well as a tiled fireplace. You can install it with the help of a specialist, but you can most. There are certain rules of installation of a fireplace to be followed.

Installation of fireplace, perhaps, the most important thing to do after model selection. Before installing, you must determine the location of the fireplace, usually it is set on the ground floor in a crowded room and in the center, but so that it does not interfere with the passage. It will be easier to determine its location, if you will know in advance its main feature (how many sides will produce heat). This is not the only requirement prior to installation. You must describe the type and pattern of installation, and what will the decoration.

Fireplaces for the home are of two types: fitted and stand-alone, their main components are: the furnace doorway and the space.

As mentioned, a fireplace with a living flame also acts as an element decorates the interior of the room. For decoration use: marble, facing bricks, karmic tile, plaster, etc. If the fireplace is of high quality, it does not require extra effort when decorating, but if its quality is inferior to the previous, it is necessary to prepare well for the scenery. For example, to plaster, to clean, to level the surface and then proceed to registration. For which you can use not only paint, but also artistic ceramics and mosaics, coinage, various types of tiles and mirrored pieces, and the additional and final step the scenery will make forged products (poker, tongs, stand for firewood).

Of course, that Your fireplace was not just to take care of the very important details is the wood that you will use to produce heat. Better to give preference to wood from hard wood, as they are longer burning, the flame of their smooth and soft, and they do not emit an unpleasant odor. That is, it is better to choose the wood of these trees: birch, pine, maple, fir, alder, oak, and wood of fruit trees (Apple, cherry, juniper) will create a pleasant smell in the room.

Nowadays the fireplace can be equipped with not only a private house, but the usual city apartment. Sale of electric fireplaces with a fire effect has allowed to realize the dream of the townspeople to warm up by the fire. These fireplaces don’t require flues or chimney and you can install them in any room. If you make the portal for the fireplace, no one will be able atlikti it!

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