Fire show — a vivid ritual of the new Zealand aboriginals

Fire show - a vivid ritual of the new Zealand aboriginals

FAer show (fire show – eng. «fire show») is an amazing event, which we owe to the Australian circus, borrowed courtesy of this ritual the new Zealand natives. And now, after just a few centuries this art can be seen almost anywhere in the world.

Fire show belongs to the category of street performances. Persik — people dancing with fire, must not only be strong physically, but also have good flexibility, coordination and good actor’s data. These people come together in groups, forming a theatre of fire and giving of paid performances under the order, and just speaking in the open air. Often in parks and squares it is possible to meet groups of people who dance with fire to beat the drums, gathering around him a large number of spectators mesmerized watching this dangerous action.

There are about twenty types of «shells» that are involved in a theatre fire, but there is only one, which is obliged to hold every self-respecting Persik is POI. They are of two types – training and combat. Battle of POI – most often it’s tennis balls, wrapped in asbestos cloth and suspended on a chain with small links. And practice rounds everyone loves themselves to the extent possible. The easiest way to do POI to hone their skills is to put tennis balls in the normal knee and fix them with a knot. Training groups of theater fire spend about a few hours three times a week. Each workout starts with a warm up that includes stretching, exercises for strength and agility. Then each Persik accepted for classes with your own equipment. But this does not mean that the work is finished. In addition to joint training everyone tries to devote time to items that have not been brought to automatism or has not yet been studied, and can be, and to try to work with the new props.

Girls prefer mostly to fans (the design that looks like a conventional fan, consisting of 3-7 sections), claws (gloves, each finger of which are fastened long bundles) and the hoops (plain hoops with exposed lighted wicks). Men take on more complex subjects such as: staff (metal pipe, burning both sides), meteor (chain with two wicks on the ends). But the imagination and possibilities of people seem limitless. Over the years their performance has become really an amazing fire showthat is breathtaking. Takes into account everything from costumes to decorations.

In recent years, on the territory of the CIS there have been many festivals dedicated to the theme of the element of fire. At such events, all the lights. On stage to walk the infernal demon with glowing horns, deftly juggling flaming swords, biker rocking on a burning motorcycle, fragile girls fascinate their dancing with fans, and fakirs «breathe» fire at a distance of over five feet.

But not everywhere it is possible to implement all their ideas, because the scenes in enclosed spaces working with fire is prohibited. But that does not matter, after all, worthy of a show can be arranged and with the help of LEDs. In this case there is inventory, all the hot components which are replaced by colored lights, the effect of which is not worse than from the fire. But there is one difference: safe working with LEDs, you will never feel the adrenaline, the feeling of owning a element and will not see the combination of excitement and fear in the eyes of their viewers.

Should the fire show in order to devote a slice of your life? So. After the fire show – it’s no longer just a street performance in the original genre. Fire show became a separate subculture that has its own style, its own philosophy. This art form is a wonderful opportunity to keep yourself in good physical shape, while having an income from your favorite hobby.

You will not see such representation, by purchasing tickets in Lenk Lenk-bilet. This theater is more famous for its productions of the classics. Maybe someone from modern Directors would even dare to include a fire show in plays such as «Juno and Avos» or «a Midsummer night’s Dream». Sure fire show is sure to please fans of this theater.

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