Filter for water purification — a necessary thing in every home

filtr-dlya-ochistki-Mineral Water akvafor-trio

For anybody not a secret that the key task of filters for water purification – as deep removal of contaminants from the water we drink or use for domestic purposes. In addition, a water filter shall be made of harmless to humans and the environment materials. It is to such can be considered as popular and has proven its quality filter Aquaphor Trio of Russian production.

Firm Aquaphor since the first days of work began to create high-quality domestic water filters. That is why the level of developments and regular updates allow it to remain a leader in this field.

Technical characteristics of the filter

Purifier akvafor the Trio provides high quality water treatment due to multi-stage filtration. Water consistently passes through three special filtration module made on carbon block technology. They contain unique Aquatic fiber and activated carbon. All together this makes it possible to effectively clean the water from organic impurities and heavy metals. As cleaning, impurities are forced to contact with various sorbents, gradually settling on the surface of the granules and fibers, whose total area is about 800 thousand sq. m. due to the active surface of the labyrinth then the filter itself provides the most efficient water purification from unwanted impurities.

Filter akvafor of the Trio is considered to be stationary, is mounted under the sink, and the faucet hit the sink. Thus, you have your own source of clean drinking water.

The company is constantly working on improving its products. Because Aquaphor is able to operate as efficiently as possible, purifying the water to the maximum impurities in various regions of the country. For example, for areas with more stringent water has developed a special set of filter modules, not just good clean, but obviously efficiently soften the water. In this case, the first of the modules gets high quality ion exchange resin, and the man receives not only the crystal clear water, but also excellent protection of the kettle from scale.

The advantages of using the filter

The advantages of purifier for water Aquaphor:

  • the possession of special crane for clean water;
  • the content of ion-exchange fibers;
  • three sequentially connected carbonblock to increase the maximum volume of treated water;
  • durable and high quality housing with a metal bracket;
  • affordable price.
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